Candace Owens: "if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, okay fine."


The problem is that Hitler was a monster. Dunno why anyone would try to create a different scenario where Hitler isn’t a monster.

No argument can soften Hitler as probably one of the 3 worst human beings in the 20th century.


Well remove the Holocaust and the conquest of Europe and he’d have been viewed entirely differently by the world and by history.

Those are the actions that defined him as the monster we see today when reading the history books.



But that is a counterfactual.

It is arguing nonsense.


Nobody has attempted to.


When trying to invoke Hitler every time you hear nationalist, it makes more sense. Hence the context.


No one is trying to soften Hitler. She was simply saying he wasn’t a nationalist.


I’m sorry you feel this way.


Depends on what you’ve been told to think this statement is about.


Ironically, Hitler’s ideas of making Germany great was killing off people like her…and anyone else who wasn’t his idea of a pure Aryan.


It is a terrible argument to make.

It is a losing proposition to go with “You know if the NAZIs weren’t so NAZI like then they wouldn’t be seen as so bad.”

It is not worth saying and it definitely not worth defending.


Nationalism has become a pejorative term. It does have several definitions in several contexts, however. Some of these, in the right context and using the right definition, aren’t all bad.

However, if you’re ever using Hitler as a rationale as to why something isn’t all bad, or trying to even hint at sympathizing with Hitler’s actions or motivation, you’ve lost the argument. If Hitler is your go to example, either find a different one or keep quiet.


Which she pointed out.


Not ironic at all. In fact, she agrees that he was bad. Don’t take the report at face value.


Which wasn’t the point. The point was to say that the equivalence of nationalism and Hitler are wrong.


Neither of which she did with her statements, she did exactly the opposite.


That’s “just fine”.


Hitler was a Nationalist.

He was also an Imperialist.

Saying that he was a Globalist is really dumb.


Guy, I have eyes, can read and can come up with my own conclusion. Do I ever tell you your ideas are what “you’ve been told” to you?


No he wasn’t, he was a national socialist who exterminated a large portion of the German Citizenry.

You can’t be a nationalist and do that which was her point.


No, you can’t read what was written objectively through partisan blinders.