Candace Owens dropping the Hammer on Democrat Election Year Race baiting

Candace Owens testifying before congress on the diversion of democrats to racialize the election season yet again getting lectured by two white women on how she should behave.



she is absolutely right. she nailed the other idiots as they tried to distort her words to fit their idiot lying narrative

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Good catch, though I had but lost it somewhere.

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candace is always a pleasure to watch. she cuts through the bs of the dems and media race narratives

which is why the left and dems will try to ridicule her and call her names

it makes me realize that if it weren’t for democrats and the left keeping racial tensions alive for their own political benefit. mlk’s dream would be complete.

She’s like Clarence Thomas, she’s “Off The Plantation” so she has to be marginalized into obscurity at all costs.

If the majority of blacks in this country ever wake up to how they have been lied to and used since 65 we may have another revolution.

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She’s absolutely 100% correct on father absence and poor education contributing to the impoverishment of black Americans.


The fatherless numbers also correlate directly with incarceration rates regardless of race.

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She’s right. Every election cycle it is the same old same old.

The actual problems get skirted around because no one wants to address the real problems.

I love her comment at the end (paraphrase):

I find it ironic that you have three caucasian sitting here testifying telling you what their expertise is. You want to know my expertise? Being black in America, being black in American for 30 years. And everytime an election comes up you do the exact same thing and it needs to stop.


Without stirring up divisions, mostly created by them to begin with democrats have absolutely nothing to offer and they are stuck in the same run election after election.

Blacks have never fared as well under any president as they are faring under Trump but you won’t hear any of them acknowledge it in any way much less give him any credit. If anything they just claim Obama was responsible for it.

Funny, Bush was blamed for every ill that befell us during his administration but Obama gets the credit for everything good happening under this one.

Hypocrisy much?

I remember a while back there was a quiz you could take on who you would vote for. The thing was no candidate’s name was associated with their platform. Quite a few people were quite shocked at who they aligned with politically when the issues, not the party, were what they found themselves more aligned with.

I remember that as well. Blacks, Hispanics, and Catholics overwhelming supported republican/conservative positions as long as they were not labeled as such if I remember right.

The culture of I don’t need me no man to bring up my baby is less outside the mainstream than white supremacy ideas. Just as many young, stupid white women have bought into it.

Then they wonder why they’re living in mom’s basement, struggling, or blaming it on outside forces, like their degree or what employers are willing to pay.

It’s far more mainstream than any white supremacist, and far more destructive to those children raised within it. And none of these supposedly progressive individuals is condemning it.

Good for Candace Owens calling it the destructive trend it is. Note this doesn’t apply in those homes where dad IS the destructive force. He needs to change for the better, or go.

You talk a lot about revolution and civil war at the moment on the forum. Your not going all sovereign citizen on us like some other posters?

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Unfortunately a whole lot of white women have bought into as well and the same incarceration/father less rate applies to their kids as well as those of other races.

Decades ago when families were tight and the grandparents could step in it wasn’t as bad but particularly young males without a father in the home are at exceptionally high risk of ending up in prison.

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True…what about the other 3 things?
Have to address the whole cycle

Interesting opinion she has there.

You mean when women were treated more like property than equal in the eyes of the law?

I liked her credentials.

No, when they had the morality not to spread their legs for every guy that bought them a drink and could drag them to the bathroom for a quicky.