Candace Owens Black Conservative and Trump supporter


Not surprising at all


The racist history of the democrat party and its pro slavery position is simply fact for all to judge.


Correct. I’ve watched these games for almost 60 years. They always get stuck between arguments.


It’s cute how you naively believe the two parties have the same ideology today as they did then.


What states were these Republicans from? Which states are Republicans from now?


It’s not so cute that dems try to rewrite unfavorable history and share the same talking points in their futile attempt.


I wish they would have just called themselves Libs and Cons back then. We wouldn’t constantly have this argument now.

I wonder if the old, grumpy guys that hated change yelled at the kids to get off their dirt.


She’s not alt right, she is a free thinker…educate yourself!


No that is what conservatives are attempting. It might be embarrassing but I fully acknowledge that the Democratic party use to be the party of conservative white men.


This cannot be emphasized enough. All GOP southerners in Congress voted against the Civil Rights Act. Almost all southern Dems did.

In the north, most GOP reps and senators voted for the CRA. An even higher percentage of northern Dems voted for the CRA.

It was voted for/against on regional lines. Some on this thread want to ignore facts.


We don’t deny it. Things change in a hundred years. Luckily the northern Democrats ascended to dominate the party.


The northern democrats were the ones voting against the 13th amendment which freed the slaves. :slight_smile:


Was the civil war about slavery? Was the confederacy fighting to keep slavery.


She’s a stupid black woman I’m I right?


Well im sure a large part of it was those southern democrat plantation owners wanted to keep slavery.




Yes, avoid the truth at all costs. Modern day GOPs MO.


Hang on folks. We may have a defector.

So you’re saying the civil war WAS about slavery, correct? And if so, the confedracy was fighting to continue human trafficking, correct?


The Senate version, voted on by the House:[22]

Democratic Party: 153–91 (63–37%)
Republican Party: 136–35 (80–20%)

As you can see a higher percentage of the gop voted for the civil rights act than the dems. MUCH higher in fact.


I’m speaking about the CRA, a hundred years later. You can tell because I said “things change in a hundred years”. You must have missed that.

Regardless, I acknowledge that the conservative Dems of the Civil War era were racist.