Candace Owens Black Conservative and Trump supporter


The Objections to the way it was passed and implemented predate the gay rights movement by about four or five decades.


What is Cengov?


Come on man. Don’t you see the white supremacists turn out in huge numbers for the left each election? Don’t you read their boards and see how much they love the left/libs/Hillary/Obama?



because they want a stronger economy, stronger defense, lower taxes, strong border…


Wait, you actually believe that?


It’s a word game. Technically, the GOP was fighting against slavery. They were the libs of their day of course and we can all see which political party the white supremacists relate to these days. They just ignore the evolution of the parties because it’s convenient.


That was exactly my point. It’s a dishonest attempt at trying to take credit for something that was not earned.

What makes it even more ironic has been seeing right-wingers whining about LINCOLN THE TYRANT over the last few years, but still trying to take credit for what he did.


Yeah, that’s really funny. Some Virginia Republican politician did just that in the last few years.


Central Government

There’s nothing federal about it.


No. That isn’t going to work. It was geographical, not political.


And right on schedule comes our 1st attempt (today)by the dems to rewrite history concerning the 13th amendment. :roll_eyes:


The GOP is quite proud of Lincoln and the party freeing the slaves actually. The left doesn’t want the shameful racist history of their party exposed.


I know, right?..


How can it be that republicans were the ones who freed the slaves, but also defend the legacy of the confederacy?


Gotta give em credit for creativity.


Ever looked up the vote on the 13th amendment? Only 20 ems were on board as compared to 100 percent of the GOP.

Shameful. Your 2nd claim is just a deflection attempt minus facts.


One generally assemblyman (party unnamed) and you think you can broad brush the entire party.

Feeble even by your standards.


Do you think the civil war was about slavery?


I’m not going down the rabbit hole of answering every question of libs trying hard to deflect away from their party’s shameful history of racism.


There you go folks. Judge for yourself.