Candace Owens Black Conservative and Trump supporter



Now you’re just being silly.


White male conservatives are the least discriminated against/ most privileged demographic in the country


You can’t possibly know that. Even if it were true, so what? You think that is a virtue?

What is it?


What does that have to do with Cengov?


Yes. Sort of.


Candace Owens for president.


You don’t agree with the civil right act?


“As recently as 2012, studies show that 47 percent of blacks identify as liberal and 45 percent as conservative, but 93 percent voted for the reelection of Barack Obama.”

come on. you gotta try really hard to get that many diverse people to vote against you. and it happens almost every election.

black people aren’t stupid. they know what’s up regarding the republican party. republicans can’t seem to see it though and that’s just stupid.


They voted for Obama, not against anything.

Are you saying 45% of black people voted for a candidate because of his race?


That quite the leap you’re making there. 88% of black voters voted for Hillary in 2016 and 95% for Gore in 2004. The candidate’s race had nothing to do with their decision


It’s not a virtue. And trust me.


I’m not the one claiming 45% of black people are conservative.

Turn out.


I know. Why did you bring it up? I doubt very seriously you do by the way. I know you don’t make more than I did before I traded pay for peace.


The other poster is merely relaying the results of a political studies poll

“The 2012 ANES pre-election survey includes 511 Black respondents. Using this survey, the authors report that 90% of African Americans identify as Democrats and 55% strongly so, compared to 39% and 11% of Whites. Yet, when the authors looked at a 7-point measure of ideology, only 47% of Blacks identify as liberal while 45% identify as conservative in the United States.”



Well now that is interesting. So they aren’t self-self-identifying as conservatives.

What do you make of that?


The GOP ended slavery and championed civil rights as well.


Yet gop want to remove the civil right act so they can discriminate againest homosexuals


What do they have to lose?


Republicans weren’t the right back then. Omg is this our first retread of this third grade history lesson on the new forums?!


I don’t believe it was passed or implemented constitutionally. A federal law cannot usurp our rights as protected by The Constitution or BOR.

I would however be just fine with something similar being passed as an amendment.