Candace Owens Black Conservative and Trump supporter


The republican party freed the slalves… England shut down the slave trading ports run by Islamic traders…


And Trump is doing what to provide these things?

Seems teachers in many states are the ones walking out because schools suck.


Why should we care about some small time youtuber?


what a goofy answer.


and 60 years ago a bunch of White Southern hung two black kid from a tree and took photos of them smiling under the bodies.


That’s the history of the left… It’s full of death and slavery.


Conservatives are perfect


History is Goofy… Gosh, such a “critical thinker”, lol!


I’m going to be patient and kind to you and say that your interpretation of the history of the political parties and how that intersects in conservatism/liberalism is simplistic to the point of being suspicious. I would recommend you investigate further to avoid future embarrassment in conversations.


How about just explaining where I’m wrong…


Wrong as usual. It was the left that ended slavery and championed civil rights and the it’s the right who fought against them. All one has to do is look to Charlottesville and Kim Davis to see which side longs for the days when they were able to freely discriminate against and oppress others


You know why you’re wrong.


He knows. He’s being disingenuous.


USSR, Venezuela, Cuba, China… and Your love of Woodrow Wilson and FDR…


You know why you’re wrong.


Pathetic attempt at deflecting away from the history of systemic oppression and discrimination committed by American conservatives


No, I treat everyone equally. Modern “feminism” demands special status and treatment for women so they are anti equality.


That kind of “conservatism” has nothing to do with the modern conservative movement, it was part and parcel of mainstream democrat ideology for over a hundred years. They continue to practice it, their targets have just changed to whites, males, and conservatives.

Systemic institutional racism particularly as was perpetrated by democrats against blacks ended four decades ago.


Yes because when one thinks about oppressed groups in the US white, male conservatives are at the top of the list. :face_vomiting:


Lame deflection.

Break out your favorite dictionary and look up “Equal” and “Equality” then break out your legal dictionary and look up “Equal Protection under Law”.

Discrimination is discrimination no matter who the target is.