Candace Owens Black Conservative and Trump supporter


Slavery, the Civil Rights Act. It’s all about geography. It’s Northern ideology vs Southern Ideology. Northern Republicans and Democrats, were for the CRA, Southern Republicans and Democrats were against.


Northern dems opposed the freeing of the slaves as well.


You are right but you want to know what’s ironic?

North is more segregated then south thou. Which I know you’re going to disagree.


Yup, and then 100 years later they were for the CRA. Things change over time.


Yes because they were dependent on cheap textile.


Even then their support was a much lower percentage than among the GOP.


That is a lie. Northern Democrats vote in favor of the 13th amendment 190-10 (both houses)


That’s because a majority of the GOP was northern, and vice versa.

Why are you trying to make this a sole party issue?


Ok. Do you deny the racism followed regional lines? Northern Dems seemed much less racist, no?


True. But again, the northern Dem support was higher than the northern GOP support AND the southern Dem support was higher than the Southern GOP support. (By percent)


No one here is rewriting history. You’re just fixated on irrelevant labels. It’s not a good look, for the record.


There is no doubt in my mind that today’s republicans would be on the side of the abolitionists in 1864, especially those in the south. Wouldn’t you agree?


More than one word is necessary, too.


There aren’t “huge numbers of white supremacists” to turn out period.


The abolitionist movement was populated primarily by conservative white protestants.

The CRA was pushed through by probably the most racist president in US history and was only able to be passed due to republicans crossing over to offset the dem’s that refused to support it.


Race baiting with the intention of undermining Peace and America First and to create social discord so as to damage America, is sedition.


So you don’t think the votes were correlated along North/South lines and instead were Dem/Repub?


The democrats used to be a party of strong nationalism, pro military, and they have since become the party of liberal big, nanny-state extremists, pro-abortion, hostile to religion and corporations, that’s why people left the party.

There is nothing in the Republican party planks that promote white supremacy, so it’s ignorant to try and connect the two.


Agreed. Who did white supremacists vote for?

So which party do they seem more comfortable in?


Is this David Duke evil nonsense a headline on Media Matters? If not I’m sure they send out their trolls. Sedition, not free speech. Time to close down Media Matters as anti American propaganda and expose their brigading minions. This is BS