Canceled sports package on cable

Since I was a child, I watched Formula I and Nascar regularly - had my DVR set to record every Sunday. I’m in my late sixties. Because of the politics being added to it, I’m done.

I canceled my sports package on cable on Monday. Saved enough to buy auto-delivery for my cats litter.

Do you feel, as I do that more aspects of our lives are being invaded?


the left invades, destroys, ruins everything, like the grim reaper’s touch. they call this “progress” btw, when you are say, afraid to let your young daughter use a bathroom at target

i all out cancelled cable. everything is such a tripping jump to leftist ideology i couldnt take it anymore

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That’ll show’m … :roll_eyes:


When the boys were teens we had Direct TV NFL’s package. That was a good bill to lose.

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You really let politics control your life that much? I mean geez, I’m into politics, but I don’t let it control where I shop or what I watch. I mean for who? Because someone says something bad about a politician or ideology you support, you’ll stop watching/doing something you like? Do you really think that politician cares?


no. i happily control my own life, by avoiding whiny babified leftist ■■■■■■■■■


Doesn’t sound like you do…but more power to ya :+1:


I fault no one for still loving FB. I genuinely lol when a fox host claimed ‘they could tackle a statute of George Washington wearing the flag of China on their helmets and I’ll still be a fan of football’

It was funny. To each their own :woman_shrugging:t2:

when all else fails in your personal post about a poster call them a liar

The whole thread is about personal choices to cancel services…

And didn’t call you a liar, I gave an opinion based on your post.

which contradicted what i said

do you know me better than i do?

Sometimes an outside observation is needed…

needed for what?

why didnt you answer my question?

Like I said…making an outside observation and giving my opinion. Sometimes one can’t see the forest for the trees.

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If enough people do so it will.

nothing supports your “observation” which is really just a veiled insult

maybe next time you stick to the topic instead of the poster

Your opinion…mine differs. And whoever posts in this thread about what they’ve canceled and why, has made themselves a topic.


and your opinion about me is not based on anything

It’s based on what you’ve posted.

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which has nothing about how i am “controlled” by politics whatsoever