Canadian virologist bluntly dismisses the COVID-19 overreaction by governments, media

By fellow humans with deeply engrained Hive minds.

It is really easy to see the future if this path is taken.

A soon to be released, Virtual Reality, Polish made video game, is a reaction to foreseeing just how wrong life can become if the crazy power mad, compulsively destroy the world.

Welcome to the future…again.

Absolutely. The Running Man, Blade Runner, Total Recall, Ready Player One, Demolition Man…pick your poison haha

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My mom passed at age 97 this past April NOT from Covid. I had been caring for her 24/7 for the past 20 years and all her previous problems had gone away.

Using the hospital for her in the last few days was insane. I cannot express my anger enough at the DEMONIC Hospital Executive Death Panels, calling me on the phone to pressure me not to authorize heroic measures. They can and will go to hell. After admission they did NOTHING until after a Covid test result, taking 3 days…which was Negative. No antibiotics–Nothing. Of course I could not be there at the end, because of the psychotic lockdowns. They are murderous scum she could have made to 100 yrs and enjoying life.

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There are experts in infectious disease and public health, I would simply listen to them and not Orthopedic Surgeons, Pathologists and the like. Medicine is a wide field involving many disciplines, and we should all stay in our lane of expertise if we are offering opinions.

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“Experts”. hands off, con-men, masquerading as doctors

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It is because he has no background that suggests he has any unique insights which can countermand the information currently made available by Physicians who are world leaders in the field of epidemiology and virology/ID. In fact, his opinions may actually bring harm to those who listen to him, as he is stating that masks provide no benefit.

It is dangerous and potentially harmful conduct.

These ID guys are some of the smartest people I have ever met, along with Nephrology Docs. They have an incredible wealth of knowledge in their fields, which are incredibly challenging and dynamic. They don’t make a ton of money but they work harder than almost any other Physician I know.

He’s only 99.96% correct.

I’m afraid you do not fully understand what you are saying. NEVER was mask wearing considered meaningful against viruses. “Medicine” by rote, con-men.

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His advice is dangerous and potentially harmful, and not at all correct.

It should have been from the start protect the elderly and most vulnerable imho. Still looks like the odds of getting the virus again are extremely low and a rare event.

But trillions more in debt later we have a vaccine coming that’s good at least.


I am afraid we are at an impasse, you seem to be seeing this from a perspective I cannot understand. I approach this from clinical evidence, microbiology and evidence backed outcome data all which strongly support routine mask wearing and social distancing until we achieve herd immunity through nationwide vaccination.

You have a different perspective, I cannot agree with it and I think you aren’t interested in my insights gleaned from working directly with COVID patients and alongside experts in ID.

So, perhaps I shall simply call it a day in this thread. Have a good one.


You are too young and inexperienced. It is something you can learn in the future.

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I wish I was young, I am far from it. But thanks for your compliment. :wink:

I mixed you up with Oryx/he/she who said s/he was in her 40’s sorry. You both have white avatars

I am in my mid-50s, not so young anymore.

Oh…yes you are young!

Don’t all Pathologists do autopsies? I haven’t really shadowed anyone in that area yet.

My mom is in her 60’s. I know a Psychiatrist who is 60 and didn’t graduate medical school until 2009. I don’t think you’re that old. :wink:

No. Some pathologists study tissue from tumors, for example, to classify the type and the chance of malignancy. When you get tissue samples, that is who studies it. They can establish both infectious and non-infectious pathologies via fluid or tissue samples. Some of them specialize in autopsy, or necropsy.

If this chap was fluent in the study of infection in tissues or fluid via bacterial/viral/fungal orientations, he would certainly have a leg to stand on and a valid opinion. But he doesn’t, so there it is.

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