Canadian Man Charged with Murder for Shooting an Armed Intruder Attacking His Mother

Canada is run by complete idiots and kooks.

Which part of Canada are ya from?

Canada is a lost cause.


California to the North. The left would love to have those laws for the entire country.

May be. And yet we are not in Canada

Self defense and use of deadly force is a thing here. Good guy with a gun is a thing here. Good.

For now.

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For when? Most important election of your lifetime! They are coming for your freedom!

Now don’t get me wrong gun control is part and parcel of the dem party platform. It would be silly for me to deny that but the truth is that the whole “for now” shtick is a marketing slogan. What the price of ammo these days because of “for now”

Well I saw what happened in VA when Dems got a majority, and now I’m seeing what San Jose is doing… and the reflexive legislation being passed for all of CA.

Soon in San Jose you’ll be forced to pay a firearm registration fee to an unnamed, unknown “non-profit” that “offers services” to firearm owners. Don’t pay the fee or get the required insurance, then a few fines and your firearms are seized.

And they can stop in any time to check your firearms and registration / insurance status.

I think it’s a little more than a marketing slogan.


■■■■ rolls downhill.

Canada is the canary in the coal mine. Just because it’s not here NOW doesn’t mean a blind eye is the proper response to crap up there.

There are plenty of gun control laws on the books and new ones being invented. It’s a seesaw though. Again there is no doubt that the left is interested in gun control laws but for now None of the laws you list are anywhere close to repealing self defense statutes or stand your ground statutes etc.

Guns are part of the culture of this country. Barring a complete top down change of the gun culture, guns will remain and the laws protecting your right to use those guns in self defense etc will remain as well.

I admire you following the intrusions as they persist but i think the gun debate has been won and i think the Supreme Court is going to keep on keeping on with throwing out laws that infringe the second amendment.

Ditto Colorado.

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I don’t understand the connection. Especially given that their constitution with regards to gun ownership doesn’t match ours.


There are still enough vigilant people here to keep it from happening. For now. They do it for you as much as for themselves. They do it for you even though you think it’s ok to poke sticks at them.

Go do your libbing somewhere else.

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I already said that i admire that but that doesn’t really matter. The Canadian constitution is different. Like the Australian constitution or the new new Zeland constitution.

Oh and you engaged with me not the other way around. Nobody tugged at your fingers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I can certainly hope. After watching VA I’m a little worried about PA with Dems taking control. I enjoy staying abreast of recent developments.


And not for lack of trying.


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That’s about right. Same post many threads.

Remember that at the inception of our nation, there were two groups…one choosing to be loyal to England while the other said, they’ve had enough and revolted. The loyalists went north and created Canada. Even to this day, their mindset is more submissive than the US. Now approximately 2.5 centuries later not much has changed. They are very nice people, great neighbors and close allies but…their mindset remains the same…submissive.


Not much of a crime…