Canadian election watch (Justin Trudeau wins)

Canadian federal election is tomorrow Monday Oct. 21.

Conserative are polling at 31.5%
Liberal are polling at 31.0%
NDP are polling at 18.8%
Greens are polling at 9.5%
Bloc are polling at 7.0%
PPC are polling at 1.8%

going to be a very close election between the two biggest parties, but the likelihood of a majority is under 10% so it will be zoo to see which of the two largest parties can gain enough support to create a government.

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Which would be the more likely coalition?

at this moment Liberal-NDP is the most likely

When will there be any news?

result are starting to come in from the east coast.

Will a Trudeau victory be forever tainted with the foreign influence of Obama’s endorsement

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Not really because less then 15% chance of him winning a majority, so the election really comes down to who the NDP support.

Ontario is Canada’s “California” and is in the back pocket of Justin.
That’s tons of votes for anyone to try to overtake.

Liberal have run a very bad campaign this year the NDP have really rallied we will see much of their base is taken.

Liberal picking up all but 8 seats on the east coast.

Liberal are taking the lead now up 44 seats to 14, polls just closed in most of Canada.

So for us ignorants, what does that mean? Thanks.

Liberals are projected to win a minorty govenment meaning they lack the 170 seat to form a government they are currently at 145 meaning they will need 15 people from other parties to support them.


The Conservative took all 33 seats in Alberta that is huge news and sign that Trudeau need to address the oil industry.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party have won the election.

As a minority government, an important caveat. :smile:

I don’t see the Conservative getting enough support to push a vote of no confidence within the next 4

Perhaps, but a minority government is still a minority government.

Trudeau can’t simply push his priorities, he must compromise with his coalition partners in setting priorities.

which I kinda of like because majority Trudeau was a horrible Prime Minister he bailed out on major election promises, Hopefully the NDP and other parties can hold his feet to the fire.

I know a lot of the smaller parties very much want election reform done.