Canadian air-force plane crashes killing one

Canadian air-force Snowbird (similar to Blue Angels) crashed today killing the pilot.

I just saw this - a great tragedy.

Capt Jennifer Casey wasn’t the pilot - the pilot is still alive but seriously injured.

If I read the report right, the plane was upside down when for some reason he ejected.

Captain Casey was a passenger. Richard MacDougal was the pilot.

Sad news.

Even worse, what’s Canada going to do for an Air Force now? :wink:

ETA: Too soon?

My thoughts and prayers for everyone involved.

Too soon, idiotic, callous, uninformed.

Go buy a sense of humor.

Sorry I give them credit for being integral to NORAD. And I don’t joke about our allies’ dead airmen within days. If one of our Thunderbirds or Blue Angels went down I’m sure you’d be all laughs.

They were not upside down when they ejected they had got it back upright. It looked like possibly they had engine problems after takeoff and zoomed, standard procedure. For some reason it rolled inverted or they rolled it (doesn’t make sense) ending up with an full aerilon roll then ejected. Unfortunately those older aircraft the seats are not very good and it was out of the safe ejection envelope when they did eject. If not for the roll and the altitude it took they might have made it out.

Bubba, It’s just a joke.

The were flying dangerous antiques.