Canada vs. Saudi Arabia

in the other part of the world the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is trying to bully Canada into being quite about human right abuses in their country by cutting off all trade and diplomatic relations. Hopefully other countries will join Canada side in this dispute.

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says Canada isn’t backing down from its position that led to diplomatic sanction from Saudi Arabia.

Freeland made the comments Monday afternoon in Vancouver a day after Saudi Arabia announced it would cease new trade deals with Canada and expel the Canadian ambassador.

“I will say Canada is very comfortable with our position. We are always going to speak up for human rights; we’re always going to speak up for women’s rights; and that is not going to change,” she told a news conference.

“Canadians expect our foreign policy to be driven by and to embody Canadian values, and that is how we intend to continue our foreign policy.”


Good to see. SA is a terrible place. It’s not the only one, but a start. I hope other countries follow Canada’s lead in this regard.

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Going to costs some students their year or semester.

It would appear Canada is putting their money where their mouth is if they don’t do the 15 billion dollar arms deal because of this? That’s a lot of money.

Freeland said the government was still waiting for more information about the specifics of how new sanctions would impact ongoing trade agreements between the two countries. This means the fate of Canada’s $15-billion arms deal, which includes providing armoured vehicles to the country, is still unknown.

Saudi Arabia. The only place I’ve ever been where it rained mud.

we shouldn’t be selling weapon to a country that will use them for violate human rights.

KSA just cut all assistant program for 16,000 KSA student in Canada and recalling them back to the country.

please note this all started over a tweet.

they cut all assistant program for 16,000 + students.

More openings for Canadian students and other international students.

I find it a little sickening that people are suggesting Canada should back down for financial reasons.

Have you seen the replies the government has gotten on twitter?

some of the best threat so far.

9/11 style attack in T.O
Canadian government is controlled by Iran
Canadian uses animal as dildos.

KSA state media tweeting a lite 9/11 style threat.

Alright…so let’s watch what happens to that 15 billion dollar deal. Will you please keep us posted?

You haven’t been to Los Anchorage then. Not only does it rain mud, but it is the only place I have ever seen that is dusty during a rain. It’s all that glacial silt off the tidal flats.

So what. What does Canada need that Saudi Arabia has to offer? Sand? :wink:

Looks like Canada is going to pick up that “policeman of the world” job.

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I support Canada on this. SA has avoided global scrutiny WRT human rights.

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suck for people who build tank for a living but wont kill us.

Has the final decision been made to cancel the 15 billion dollar deal? If it is…I’ll be shocked.

No . There is no new trade but the previous Conservative government should have never agreed to the sale in the first place.