Canada sanctions Germany

A turbine from the Nord Stream 1 pipeline between Germany and Russia is stuck in Canada due to Canadian sanctions against Russia. The delay in maintenance has reduced the capacity of the pipeline to deliver gas to Germany, the Canadian sanctions are effectively against Germany as well as Russia.

Canada and Germany are in talks to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile natural gas prices in Europe are up about 70% this week in response to the disruptions. Take that Putin!

Rumors of a leaked video of NATO’s sanction-enforcement police have emerged:

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Meeting with solar installers next week, may as well get a head start before personal ESG scores start being applied.


You’re such a victim.

Man you just can’t get a fair shake…

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I know right, I mean I only lost a third of my money so far. And my electricity rates only doubled. No idea why anyone would complain.


The way this economy is going we are all â– â– â– â– â– â–  now on Guadalcanal.


You know what I was talking about…

Dude you are living under facism right now. You just don’t care because its your side doing it.


Then we’re living under the least fascist fascism mankind has ever witnessed.

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That’s not true at all.

Update: The equipment for Nord Stream 1 is still stuck in Canada, and Germany is raising alarms about the shortage of natural gas.

Summer is when western Europe fills is natural-gas storage for the winter heating season. Europe also uses natural gas for electric power generation to supply summer air-conditioning loads.

Severe gas shortages are likely this winter unless there is a major change in policies.

At least the trains are running on time. Right?

It’s going to be really funny when Republicans take congress and the left realizes Democrats handed them a nation wide legislative police force to play with.

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I want them faster. Much faster.

What are you talking about?

If you can’t get past the paywall just search for capital police expansion.

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As I thought, much to do about nothing.

It’s not? The creation of an unaccountable nationwide police force controlled by the legislature is no big deal?

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It’s not the creation of an “unaccountable nationwide police force controlled by the legislature” (which is an oxymoron since if its controlled by elected representatives, then it is accountable). It’s the same Capital Police opening field offices for investigating potential threats. I see nothing that indicates they will be given jurisdiction in other states to start willy-nilly arresting people.

Umm yes they can arrest people in any state. And yes they are unaccountable as they are immune from FOIA requests.


They are accountable to Congress and Congress is accountable to us. If you want them to be non-immune from FOIA requests, elect people to Congress to pass laws that make them so.