Canada join Mexico to challenge Biden Build Back Better bill under USMCA

Canada will join Mexico in challenge Biden Infrastructure bill in arbitration saying Biden is violation the agreement with new regulation about the trade of auto-parts.

Canada is joining Mexico’s official complaint today requesting a dispute settlement panel to resolve a claim that the U.S. is violating the new NAFTA by insisting on a stricter interpretation of a key provision on auto parts.

Motor vehicles are the most valuable product traded between the three countries. Canada argues that the way the U.S. views the Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement on trade (CUSMA) would make it harder for Canadian vehicles and essential auto parts — engines, transmissions and steering wheels — to qualify as duty-free.

Canada argues the Biden administration’s view of the rules is “inconsistent” with the trade deal the three countries agreed to in 2019 when Donald Trump was president.

“Canada, Mexico and the United States would all benefit from certainty that CUSMA is being implemented as negotiated, and Canada is optimistic that a dispute settlement panel will help ensure a timely resolution of this issue,” wrote International Trade and Export Promotion Minister Mary Ng in a statement issued Thursday

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Wow, been a rough 48 hours or so for Biden admin :confused:


How does that not get run through while the bill is being debated? Amazing

Let’s go Brandon!


Who voted for this guy? They are at fault.

Meanwhile, China is poised to take the entire auto market with cheap EV imports.

You mean for the law. Representative democracy as a cudgel. What a winning strategy.

If only there was some kind of a partnership agreement let’s call it trans something that was going to reduce tarrifs for auto imports for member states.

And yeah that model isn’t much of a threat but you should see what they have in the pipeline.

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Personally, I don’t see this bill becoming law unless the democrats gain seats in the Senate during the election, which seems unlikely at this point.

…not when the evidence was obvious as to what a losing choice this would be but still pull the lever anyways. Accept the responsibility for your decisions and it’s that simple.

Obvious mhmmm.

The allegory of the cave being preached by the guys happy to look at the shadow puppets.

Just beyond.