Canada is having a bad day 63 killed in Iran, shooting Owttawa

Whether it was an accidental shoot-down, intentionally shot down or just an accident, it does create the perception that it is not safe to travel by plane through the Middle East.

I don’t think it was intentional. Iran does not own the black boxes, Ukraine and Boeing do. They should turn them over.

Breaking news is coming from FOX in a few minutes.

If they wanted to take down a full commercial plane, I would think they wouldn’t pick one that contained a majority of Iranian citizens. That just doesn’t make sense.

If we hear some separate report of some notable person, dying in a “sports car crash” I’d be suspicious

so Fox reports it wasn’t a missile. no mention of shrapnel holes, no mention of bomb…it just overheated.

Unless it was an accident. Western sources are now saying it appears to be an engine failure. I’m going with that until other evidence is shown.

Of course it is really really bizarre that it would happen right as tensions were at their highest with the possibility of escalation into war. A really strange coincidence I suppose but my bet is on accidental shoot down.

A definite possibility.

I find it odd John Kerry hasn’t tweeted since Dec 29

You’re asking me if Iran is engaging in a cover up? I don’t know, obviously. I would say let the investigation play out, but I doubt you’ll believe their conclusions anyway.


Because of his Iranian and Ukrainian ties and his usual tweets every few days

Maybe someone translated North Americans in haste?


No. I’m not asking you anything. I have no idea and neither do you. Western sources are now thinking it may have been engine failure. We’ll see.

Do you follow John Kerry on Twitter? I really can’t stand Twitter. Too many trolls.

of course not. occasionally I look at what insanity he’s spewing.

Which part of plane is this…front of wings?

Not sure. But it’s not the only part riddled with holes. At this point, I am going to assume it was an accident until proven otherwise.

That’s where I’m at as well. Someone panicked…there is also claims the plane was delayed those those that were manning AA wasn’t informed of flight.

Who knows.

I was actually curious myself that is a lot of Canadians leaving from Iran. That being said it’s a real tragedy RIP

Most of them were probably of Iranian origin and have been westernized. People who the Mullahs are not particularly fond of.