Canada First, Not Only

“Certain drugs intended for the Canadian market are prohibited from being distributed for consumption outside of Canada if that sale would cause or worsen a drug shortage,” Health Minister Patty Hajdu said in a statement, according to the news service. “Companies will now also be required to provide information to assess existing or potential shortages, when requested, and within 24 hours if there is a serious or imminent health risk.”

I wonder what we think about this? Is it socialism? What will be the response from the industry?

you saw the response… comrade biden will assume control over your health care…

How dare Canadians put their people first.

Shame on them.


Doesn’t seem to be of interest. We’re ok with nationalism.

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Seems reasonable to me.

Countries should always put their own first.


It’s like trade deficits and trade control is new…

It’s like 2016 was year 0.

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I’m only thinking about the American side of the equation. There shouldn’t be such a big demand for Canadian prescriptions to begin with.

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19 seconds

Nationalism seems reasonable?

Canadian nationalism - good

America First - racist

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We were told that’s racist. Of course every other country in the world does this but for us racist.


It’s racist for us, not for them, because Canada.

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How do we feel about this?

Disappointing after all the complaining about nationalism.