Canada elections seem interesting for once with PM Peoplekind caught doing blackface

Just in time for the Canadian election a pic of Trudeau has surfaced in blackface in 2001, not sure of the impact but he is rocking it.


we have a saying in Canada Liberal only loose election due to their own stupidity.

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Ya I don’t know much about the Canadian system and although I am on the right it’s pretty obvious Trudeau isn’t a racist. 18 years ago that wasn’t the crime it is today.

The NDP might gain some traction with this, but they are already so far removed from winning it won’t have much of an effect.

The Conservatives won’t gain they are running candidates who have done worse.

Live by identity politics die by identity politics.
It would be much easier for him to come out and say “I was young it was a different time, not everyone was triggered back then, get over it that was 18 years ago”. Instead I am sure he will do the walk of shame and throw out countless meaningless apologies.


From the article:
Speaking to reporters Wednesday night, following TIME’s publication of the photo, Trudeau apologized: “I shouldn’t have done that. I should have known better and I didn’t. I’m really sorry.” When asked if he thought the photograph was racist, he said, “Yes it was. I didn’t consider it racist at the time, but now we know better.”

That certainly didn’t dim the din when others who did the same in the US apologized.

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Yes, way back in the halcyon days of umm…2001…it was perfectly normal for people to dress in blackface and nobody batted an eye.

It’s good that he apologized and he definitely should have known better. At least he didn’t pose with fools in KKK garb like that idiot from Virginia.

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What does that mean?

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I guess for a leftist it’s better than most. I still would have preferred a “Get over it I was trashed” followed by a mic drop … sigh :pensive: RIP Rob Ford now that man knew how to close.

The crack smoking mayor, good times.

It was actually brown face, as it was an Arabian nights themed party.

Not sure if that make it better.

But going back 15-30 years, for doing things that was perfectly acceptable at the time…but now it not, is getting ridiculous.

There will be things, we are doing right now…that in 15-30 years, people will say, “What were you thinking?”

He was smart to not try and defend his actions in anyway and just accept that he ■■■■■■ up.

Dude I know I literally cried when I heard the “I have plenty of **** to eat the house”. The man was a god.

Breakout a dictionary.

Horrible Mayor though.

It wasn’t perfectly acceptable at the time. And we’re talking 21st century here. It’s not like people are going back 50 years or something.

I don’t know it just shows he is from a different period I didn’t see to many if any attack ads of blackface being used against people, and besides everyone seems to be smiling and happy in the picture.

We will see how this will effect the liberal they are currently up two points.

You wont see many attack ad with this photo, attack ad are not effective in Canadian politics.