Canada deploy military to assist with long term housing in Quebec

Federal government has approved request by Province of Quebec for assistance and will deploy around 100 service member to care for the elderly in long term housing.

This is the first request for military aid in the country.

Trudeau said the federal government is also looking to send members of the Red Cross and specialized volunteers who have registered with Health Canada.

In a statement, the Canadian Armed Forces said workers will begin to deploy on Saturday. The team comprises nursing officers, medical technicians and support personnel.

“We have worked closely with Public Safety Canada, Health Canada and the Government of Quebec to meet the urgent need for assistance in Quebec’s long-term care facilities,” said Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan.

The people in nursing homes are innocent, have not gone out into the public to become infected and yet…they are being ravished by all of this. Mostly employees bringing the virus in and then it spreads like wildfire and the death toll is high. This has occurred across the US too.

No, they are deploying to provide assistence in nursing homes, not ''long term housing".

Canada has a military?


They need a military to block illegal flow of people through their southern border:

Someone always has to bail out the Brits when they get in over their heads. The Canuks and Aussies usually get the job.