Canada create 427,000-square-kilometre protect conservation zone in the arctic

You still haven’t answered my question, what are they protecting it from?

Human activity and development that would harm the environment.

Was someone planning a large scale condo development or something

Of course. Are you familiar with capitalism?

I am yes, so you are saying this area was in danger from real estate developers? Seems kind of chilly and remote for that.

I prefer a warm beach personally, but I have a friend who goes winter camping with no tent. To each their own.

This is not a back handed compliment. It is good to see that you support the idea that we need to look after our planet for future generations and the animals we share this earth.

Most of those wouldn’t seem to be in the same league as this area in regard to chilliness or remoteness. I mean really, comparing it to places like Munich and Steamboat?

So you’re arguing that no human would ever want to visit or exploit the natural resources of this region, so it doesn’t need protection. That’s the argument you’re making?

I am asking you, specifically what the impending damage was? A few drilling rigs?

I have no idea. Did you read the article? Does damage need to be “impending” for a government to take steps to protect its natural resources?

No but when they start patting themselves on the back about saving it, I don’t think its out of line to ask, saving it from what?

According to the OP’s article, it’s an important region to Canadians and Canadian wildlife and they want to protect it from human threats, impending and otherwise. From the article:

"On Thursday, Trudeau announced the creation of one of the world’s largest conservation areas and Canada’s largest marine protected area: the Tuvaijuittuq Marine Protected Area and the Tallurutiup Imanga National Marine Conservation Area, both in the northeastern region of Nunavut.

Tuvaijuittuq means “the place where the ice that never melts,” Trudeau said Wednesday. It’s the last place in the Arctic that is expected to retain sea ice in the summer months despite global warming.

This is the place that has long had “a huge place in Canadian imagination,” he said."

This doesn’t block shipping lanes.

I know you were being sincere, I’m just expressing my surprise.