Can we tax, spend, open borders, and massively grow federal government into prosperity for all?

Been listening to the infrastructure discussion, and some of the numbers being thrown around are in excess of 10 trillion dollars. I hear a lot about all these great paying green union jobs. I hear about the federal government providing free childcare for everyone, free healthcare for everyone, free college for everyone. I hear about government providing everyone a living wage, reparations, and much, much more. And not only that but we’re also going to massively expand immigration by importing as many of world’s impoverished citizens and provide them all this stuff as well. And finally we are going to also massively increase foreign aid so that we can fix the rest of the world’s problems as well.

But now don’t you worry the “rich” are going to pay for it all and everyone else will prosper like never before.

So assuming that the Democrats get all the power they want and push through everything that they want. How do you see things going?

Here’s my thoughts on this promise of government providing millions and millions of good paying permanent jobs. Clearly this is government based ideology being pushed. Prosperity through government, and clearly this is based on a belief that there are virtually endless permanent green energy jobs just waiting to be produced.

First of all this will entail eliminating millions of jobs from the US oil and gas sector and putting US oil and gas companies out of business. So it’s quite possible that there will be ZERO net job growth and even a deficit in that. Second of the top 15 green energy companies I believe about 5 are US based. What likely happens is that most of the jobs will be created outside the US. Third there’s absolutely no guarantee the rest of the world follows suit.

Personally I don’t believe for one minute that this will be the economic utopia being talked about by these liberal politicians. How often do political promises ever come to fruition?


I agree we should be careful about spending.

Funny that this thread wasn’t started when the former guy was in office.

Tea Party Avengers…Assemble!

Conservative boomers love buying stuff that blows people up.

They hate roads and bridges though, because millennials should learn to ford the river to elementary school like they did (yes, I know millennials are pushing 40 but conservative boomers still think they are in high school).


What massive levels of spending were implemented by Trump? Furthermore, the overwhelming majority of government spending is on three programs: Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. That spending happens no matter who’s in office.


The useless wall, overspending on the military, tax cuts that weren’t paid for, for starters.

The debt went up 7.8 trillion under the former guy.


This is something I find hilarious, cons created a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit and handed it to Obama along with a ressision. Then cons spent 8 years whining about debt and how Obama wasn’t fixing the mess they made fast enough. They legit were in the street whining constantly about spending while Obama reduced the deficit cons created by like a trillion, more than a president had ever done before.

The Trump gets in inherits a good economy and a deficit that was being lowered every year and blows it all up exploding the deficit while the economy was already strong and the same people who apparently cared about spending enough to organize and whine for years about are not just silent but willing to Throw out the election to keep him in power.

Now these same clowns are back to pretending to give a ■■■■ about the deficit/debt. Seriously this ■■■■ is so retarded it is hard to believe.


As to the question of whether we should continue to spend trillions of dollars and run this country intothe ground as a social welfare state:




Why didn’t the cons do something about it when they had complete control? They have no interest in it they just want to whine and confuse the intellectually challenged who don’t have even a surface level understanding of the debt/deficit/budget ect.

Don’t forget replacing existing sections of the “big beautiful wall” with new pieces that summary blew over at one point. That was money well spent.

There is no wayback machine.
Destroying the country because of what people did or didn’t do back when is not a valid response.

Amazing what AM radio talk show hosts were able to accomplish, isn’t it?

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Some people will believe anything. Just see some of the threads here as proof.

More amazed anyone can take it seriously. The amount of people who bring up “Obama double the debt” is absurd. He inherited a 1.5 trillion deficit and a ressision, do they actually believe it would be not just possible to instantly cut 1.5 trillion but a good idea? It seems they are either being disenginous or dumb at that point

Yes, in response to your actual thread, it is scary the the direction the country is going. And the road to it appears to be paved with “but Trump” and “what about what they said about Obama”.
Not even one slight concern or discussion about where the country is headed now.


Convincing them that absolutely everything they see and read is a lie unless it supports their viewpoint took about 30 years, but it has paid off in blind loyalty to a man over country. It even tops blind loyalty to a party now.

A ridiculous discussion unless everybody is willing to hold their side responsible.

Just looking for a little consistency of position from the people involved in teh debate.

But listening to people complain that Biden is adding tot he debt, when the same people cheered trump adding 7.8T to the debt is foolish.

If you can’t explain your hypocrisy, then you aren’t really worth listening to on this subject.

Just trying to understand your position.

When trump added 7.8T, it wasn’t scary to you. Biden proposes 2.3 T paid for in part, and that’s scary.

Just help me understand what is scary about one and not the other so we can discuss.