Can we talk about Mexico paying for the wall?

Interesting story tonight from

“Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Texas, appeared on “Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy” to discuss the ongoing migrant crisis on the southern border… On Tuesday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas asserted that the southern border “is secure” despite Border Patrol officers reporting record numbers of migrant encounters. Gonzales also insisted that Mayorkas’ statement was not true…“It’s the furthest thing from secure. I represent 42% of the southern border. There’s certainly no one in my district who thinks it’s secure,” Gonzales said…

“ Gowdy noted that some Democrat leaders such as New York Mayor Eric Adams and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser have begun acknowledging the struggles dealing with illegal immigrants putting pressure on their cities’ social services and budgets. Gonzales, however, noted the Democrats have no one to blame but themselves… “Of course, we’d seen these Democrat mayors, and other folks, complain about it, because it’s pure chaos. What you are seeing is Democrats control the House, they control Senate, and they control the White House. They created this problem,” Gonzales said.

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Or a court ruling.

I believe the revival of the thread is intentionally intended to distract from discussing current and real threats to the United States and her citizens.

Law enforcement wants to arrest criminal possession and use of guns during the commission of crimes then have the criminals rightfully imprisoned under the statutes of the law. Law enforcement wants access to information about minors who have committed criminal acts or have had prior contact. Law enforcement wants to be able to stop the flow of illegal guns, drugs and other violent criminal enterprises without being portrayed as “fascists” trampling the po’ crooks rights. There are already gun registries. If you satisfy the requirements and background checks, purchase a legal firearm, that weapon and your name are in a system law enforcement has access to. Transferring ownership of a firearm without filing the paperwork or facilitating a FFL dealer is against the law. Was there something else? Until “red flag laws” protect the rights of citizens from fake claims? But to your point I agree, crazy people shouldn’t have guns. Finally, an “assault rifle” by definition is not available to the general public without a Federal Class III license. A .223/ 5.56 magazine fed semi-automatic rifle is not an “assault rifle” because it is black and scary looking. We taught our kids to shoot on .22 semi- automatic tube fed rifles. Their rate of fire is the same as the scary black rifle; as fast as you can pull the trigger. I used the M-16, A2 & A3s in the Army. I don’t own one and have no use for one. If I felt the need to drop a human with a firearm at a distance I prefer a 7.62, a 30.06 or a 45.70 Govt. round. But unfortunately all of my firearms were lost in a tragic boating accident years ago and now lie somewhere at the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay.

Another reason they are doing this is to get in on this billion dollar enterprise and find ways for the Mexican government to profit from this as well:

If any of you libs honestly think this proposal will slow down the illegal immigration into the US facilitated by the Democrat Party I got a ■■■■■■■ bridge to sell you.

Yes I do. See the following thread:

How is anything you typed unique to illegal immigrants? If they were legal… would the data change?

For one, the average American is in a much better place to succeed than the typical person coming across the border. Number two, we have enough poverty and problems already in the country, we sure as hell don’t need to import more from south of our border!

So are you arguing against immigration, all together, from the southern border?

Someone in these forums once gave me some valuable advice:

Don’t feed the trolls!

Those of us on the Right here 100% support needs/merit based immigration. Very similar to what countries like Canada, Demark, Switzerland, etc., do.

Even if those needs are low wage, education not required, jobs?

What should have been done decades ago was a seasonal/temp worker program for many of those types of jobs. Cost of living in the US is outrageous. Heck there’s plenty of people who leave the US every year because of that. Many from CA, as you likely know.

The fence that wasn’t maintained?

They have been constantly doing maintenance on it since it was built in 1990.

It’s a fence. It goes into the ocean about 20’. You can walk around it.

Maybe you know; why is Mayorkas planning to build a 30’ wall there starting next month?

I’ve actually been there several times and it’s closer to half a football field. You can’t walk around it even at low tide (great photography opportunities throughout the nature preserve there)

Also the combination of the river mouth and fence acting as a jetty make the riptides on that beach quite dangerous Way more crossings are attempted using pangas from Rosarito at night than the Tijuana Rivermouth

I looked at pictures of it. About 20’ at low tide. I could easily walk around it.

Why is Mayorkas building a 30’ wall there starting any day?

I’ve been there. It isn’t 20’.