Can We Have Outside The Beltway?

I see the mods (or do we call them admins now?) have recreated some of the sub forums from the old Hannity side. Any chance we can have Outside the Beltway? Great place to post those non political discussions which are to hefty to be considered Trivial Pursuits.

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I agree, as a denizen of the old Hannity forum.

At last someone agrees with me - hurrah :grinning:

I’d like to see it here.

Is it too hefty to point out that you used the wrong two?

I think that’s the idea behind the lounge. I’ve moved NYjetsfan’s movie review threads there.

Any chance we could rename The Lounge to Outside the Beltway? It would be a nice nod to the previous forum and provide a sense of continuity . Or I could be overthinking the whole thing. :sunglasses:

Why doesn’t the lounge show up when you aren’t logged in?

I cant get into the lounge it says it doesnt exist or is private

No lounge for you.
Back to work!

I think you have to go earn your “regular” badge.

You mean like the sub forum “The Lounge”?

About the Lounge category

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How do you earn a regular badge?

Up there in the right corner is a menu, and it lists the badges and how to earn them.

I would really like to see Outside the Beltway and have it be open to everyone. I don’t quite understand the need for separating out who has access to what based on earning badges. I just tried to find the website tutorial to earn that badge and was completely unsuccessful in finding it.

Yeah, I agree. This is total crap. I’ll give it a bit more, than I’ll be done with this place.

You should be able to access it now.

yeah i agree is total BS
i did notice some people got it within a few hours of joining the site
not sure how they got it so quick…
well i can guess how…something to do with knowing the right people

I don’t recognize either of your usernames. There are several posts in here instructing those that came from the other forum to let us know who you were and we’ll up your member level so you can participate in that and everywhere here more actively.