Can we get a list of topics approved for "Politics."

Discrimination, racial or sexual, is a political topic.

I just had this thread moved to the OtB forum to die.

If racial/sexual discrimination aren’t political enough to be discussed in the politics forum, is there a pre-approved list of topics we can view?

Will every racism/homosexer/trans/gay baker/etc. thread now be moved to OtB?

No. This is about a school enforcing their dress code, or maybe not because they denied the allegations. Not politics.

GW, I don’t think that’s an accurate description of either the story or my thread.

The story is about a grandmother who believes her grandson is being racially discriminated against.

I disputed her suggested, but added my own that I think the school’s dress code is discriminatory.

A thread about discrimination is political.

I could go down every single thread in the politics forum and type up a non-political description.

If my thread isn’t political, then NO thread about sexuality or race is political, and those should all be moved to OtB from now on.

Nope. It’s a thread about a school telling a kid he’s going to have to cut his hair to conform to the dress code. OTB.