CAN-US trade war next wave

After the steel tariff Canada has pushed back with another round of tariff on American goods. at the end of the day the consumers on both sides of the border suffer from this dick mesuring contest.

The federal government has released its final list of U.S. imports that will be slapped with tariffs starting Sunday — with some notable changes from the list that was floated at the beginning of June, before industry had a chance to weigh in on the proposals.

Aside from the vast array of steel products that are being slapped with a tariff of 25 per cent and a long list of aluminum products that will cost Canadian importers 10 per cent more, the new tariffs will also apply to a long list of consumer items.

The consumer items fall under the country of origin classifications outlined in NAFTA.

My family business is personal effected by this new wave of tariff as we import Chocolate wholesale from the U.S for our store.

Come on man. There are geniuses here who know this is not going to affect us businesses.