CAN-US reach deal on NAFTA

look like the deal has finally be reached between the two countries after a long uphill negotiations.

After more than a year of fractious negotiations, Canada and the U.S. have reached a tentative new North American Free Trade Agreement, a senior source told CBC News.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau convened a late-night meeting of cabinet to brief ministers on the NAFTA progress, only hours before a U.S.-imposed midnight deadline.

Leaving the meeting about an hour and 15 minutes after it began, Trudeau said only that it was “a good day for Canada” and that he’d have more to say to reporters on Monday.

“Under the new NAFTA, the U.S. will have roughly the same access to the Canadian dairy market as what was given up by Trudeau when he signed the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) trade deal with 10 Asia-Pacific countries earlier this year.”

Trump ■■■■■■■, read the above, let it sink in.

Trump gained nothing. If you think he gained something, you’re an idiot. But, of course, if you support Trump, that’s a known.

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Also lost the battle on chapter 19 which was one of the biggest issues America had with the agreement because it overrule American court in dispute making all trade dispute governed by a third party.

This is a good deal for Canada issue now is if Trump himself will support it or not.

If this is truly a more fair NAFTA it will be a sharp stick in the eye of the globalists.

to early to tell right now, i think the new agreement need to be made public before the offical vote.


Please tell us how it’s better.

I can tell you how it is better for Canada :stuck_out_tongue:

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Learn to read…



I thought you guys weren’t going to agree to any kind of changes to NAFTA.

Unless those changes benefit canada. This new deal puts Canada first.

I wonder if trump will support it. Who am I kidding? He’ll sign anything if he thinks people will take pictures of him.


Like the other trade deals the changes will be largely cosmetic.

He will get to call it something new .

Now I believable the US Senate will have to approve of it. This may not be the final version of the treaty


It gives US easier access to Canadian dairy markets.

which allows Wisconsin and New York Dairy farmers more markets for the excess dairy products

Thats the only change that was achieved as far as I can see,


No one is happy about that.

But be realistic, do you think the economy would have turned around on a dime? It’s only understandable that after decades of debt accumulation by our federal government, it will take time to bring under control. I know, Trump has to be a miracle worker, or he’s a failure and a liar.

For over a decade, the dems did not give a crap about debt and deficits. Any crys or complaints about the debt and deficit from them now, will just roll off my back like water on a duck.


Deficits shrank under Obama.

And Democrats seem to advocate paying for government.

Tax and spend is far better than the Republican policy of borrow and spend.

I think the bigger story than the CAN-US trade deal is China just announced lower tariffs on 1600 items on avg about 20%… it’s not where we want to be, but it is showing that China’s business leaders are pressuring their leaders to start dealing with the US on the trade war… people think the US needs China, but in truth Chinese businesses need the US market more than US businesses needing the Chinese market…