CAN-US border to remain closed even after public plea from U.S Congress

Election interference.

And all the colluders.

Did you have a Crown Royal bag to keep your DnD dice in? I know I did.


Wait… are we not receiving manufactured goods from Canada? I have something coming that i need. It’s a natural gas fueled freezer.

You will get it still, might take a little longer but trade goods are still crossing the border.

Second after China.

Good, keep those snow mexicans from illegally crossing. :rofl:

That’s exactly where I am keeping mine.

Half of my family lives in St Quentin. Before the virus hit, I had plans to go up for a wedding and family gatherings. At the rate we are going, I don’t think they will be letting us travel there for a long time.

Pretty please? I swear we’re all good now and that’s its totally under control. I really wanted to go to Whistler this summer

I promise I might even wear a mask some of the time. So cool?

Smart move by Canada to protect their citizens

Can’t really say I blame Canada. I saw last week the EU is planning to have a similar policy in effect regarding US travelers. If Mexico is smart, they’ll do the same thing.

Until our government gets it’s Covid situation under control, I think a US passport is going to be about as useless as a screen door on a submarine.

They did


extended to the end of August.

Is that August, 2021?

‘92 Camaro’s.

Mexico is ■■■■■■ with Kung flu. It’d be like China telling us to get our bat eating under control.

No such disease has ever existed.

Sure it has. The ■■■■■■■■ country, Australia, gave it to our national treasure Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson. Then they treated them with the unproven medication, hydroxychloroquine.

It is a falsehood that is perpetuated by some vis-a-vis Tom Hanks and his wife contracted COVID-19 in Australia. It is not true no matter how many times the falsehood is repeated.

Australia has to date recorded 111 COVID-19 deaths, the USA 136,466 COVID-19 deaths.

Source: COVID-19 Map - Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center