Can ultra violet light be used as a disinfectant?

Yeah I’m sure he’s not talking about Trump making an absolute ■■■■■■■ fool of himself in front of what he’ll be happy to tell you is a ridiculously large audience.

It’s a thread defending the presidents comments.

Well darn.
I’ll put my skeptical hat back on.
How about the quote from the Cedars-Sinai doc? Fabricated? Out-of-context maybe?

No idea but check out the doc’s twitter account. :smiley:

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this is an actual thing

appears trump is more aware of these things than you are


Sure he is. Lol

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You thinking there’s a money angle for the doc?
I guess I’ll just wait to see if anything else comes of it. :frowning:


well, heh. he obviously knew this tech was forthcoming

what did you think it was “incredibly stupid?”

Modern day conservatives in one picture


you rely an awful lot on memes ripped from twitter for someone who thinks trump tweets too much


Babylon Bee more appropriate?

You know they’re disinfecting room air, not people, right?

Are you saying uv light used in an endoscopic way cannot kill the virus in our lungs?


Why are you saying it can?

Yeah if only there was some sort of medical emergency that’s had him on television every single night for a month showing off how much he knows about medicine, then I might know.

Like when he said he had no idea a contagion was so contagious-that’s a direct quote-or when he solemnly informed everyone that we’ve never had a disease that spread to healthy people if they were around sick people before this one.

He certainly seems like an expert.

or when he said that no one knew what the coronvirus was, a bacteria, germ,a flu, a virus …

Well that certainly isn’t true and you have no basis at all for making such a declaration.

You have no idea what percentage of people knew this prior much less today.

When I brought it up a couple of weeks ago in reference to sterilizing CPAP equipment it was obvious most had never heard of using UV to disinfect surfaces.

Depends on the material. Some plastics and poly carbonates like PVC break down rapidly under UV

There’s so many examples of him showing off his obviously extensive medical knowledge.

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