Can the secret service investigate the fbi

Have the secret service investestergate the FBI …

They only deal with financial crimes.

They fall under Homeland security agenency. Think the can do it.

Just thinking outside the box. Sorry.

If the FBI is believed to be counterfeiting U.S. currency, then yes- the Secret Service could “investestergate” the FBI.

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Are you suggesting the president should have a personal police to investigate his enemies?


No, but Jack Bauer can…

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James West and Artemis Gordon

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Nope…that’s too Obama-ish.

This is heating up fast folks and the source of this heat is the Obama appointed IG’s report.

That’s exactly what he’s suggesting.

Maybe he can hire Pinkertons.

its gonna be like libs running en masse toward the cliff.

Oh, then name is some instances of Obama using his Secret Service to investigate someone or something he declared a political enemy.

All in due time my pretty, all in due time.

“Investestergate” is maybe my new favorite word.

It’s a great idea.

But if the secret service is going to be policing the FBI, we should give them a more fitting name.

Maybe Secret Police.

I think it is far past time to just blow up the FBI and start from scratch. Current agents can reapply for positions and if they are loyal to America and not the deep state they get jobs back. But most of them need to be broomed.

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What is it with you and a few of our other crazy uncle posters around here? Lately all you guys seems to be able to do is drop a lie of a claim, get called on it, then respond with your favorite nothingburger “we shall see.”

If I were king, I’d show you what I said. Since I’m not, I have to wait until those hiding the truth are removed out of the way that will allow it to be exposed to people such as you that don’t see what I see.