Can the Mueller team be charged with prosecutorial misconduct?

During the Mueller hearing everyone was surprised to hear Mueller say he didn’t know the origins of the “Steele dossier” was Fusion GPS and that it was paid for by the Clinton campaign. When questioned he claimed it was because it predated his appointment.

Such a claim is patently absurd since everyone knows it was the Steele dossier that led to calls for investigation of Trump on the Russian collusion claims. It was THE key piece of evidence alleged to indict him. And the prosecutor claims he didn’t look at it because it occurred before he was brought onto the case???

Also, the Mueller team had no qualms in charging Paul Manafort for crimes well before he was part of the Trump campaign and which were completely unrelated to the Trump collusion claims.

In legal proceedings it is the prosecutors duty to reveal evidence that would be exculpatory, i.e., tend to exonerate a defendent. If he does not reveal it then he can be considered guilty of prosecutorial misconduct:

Prosecutorial Misconduct.

During the Democrats questioning of Mueller he stated the President was not “exculpated”, i.e., exonerated from the allegations. But it is now clear why he was not: because the Mueller team refused to examine critically the evidence that would exonerate him.

If they had it would have been clear there is overwhelming reason to conclude the Steele dossier was simply concocted for political reasons.

Not bringing that to light in their so-called “Mueller report” is tantamount to prosecutorial misconduct.



Never happen.


The Steele Dossier wasn’t the launching point of the investigation into the Trump Campaign.


It doesn’t matter. They never do their own research.



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Again Devin Nunes investigated this for 2 years nothing came from it

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I realize some like to pretend that the dossier was the beginning, end, and total sum of all evidence of wrongdoing by Trump and his people, but it’s simply not the case. The dossier didn’t force the appointment of people with shady ties to foreign governments. It didn’t make Trump lie time and time and time again to the American people. It didn’t make Trump repeatedly attempt to obstruct justice.


I guess I’ll state the obvious… Mueller isn’t a prosecutor… so no, he can’t be charged

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We would know if the FISA data was revealed.

I think we will get there before mid 2020.

I am in no hurry now that the worm has turned.



I’m sure if Trump forces enough resignations and hires just the right toady he’ll be able to find someone willing to parrot all of his lies about being spied on by Obama. Maybe even someone to claim he was personally wiretapped.

Or understand linear time.


Such speculative vitriol.

It is an important consideration to make sure everything is handled properly through intelligence sources.


That’s not fair, no one one thought Nunes was good at his job.

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You know Manafort lied to Congress under oath?
This point seems to be glossed over a lot.
Lying to Congress under oath is a big no-no.
Why did Manafort have to lie?

Sadly, there are enough idiots in his district that think he has some value.

I heard about the dossier way before the 2016 election when it was reveled by Buzz Feed.

This is from Wiki on the Washington Free Beacon:

From October 2015 to May 2016, the Washington Free Beacon hired Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research on “multiple candidates” during the 2016 presidential election, including Donald Trump.

Contrary to repeated assertions by Trump, Fox News, and many of his supporters, the dossier was not the impetus for the opening of the FBI’s (“Crossfire Hurricane”) counterintelligence investigation into the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election campaign.

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deep undercover… Hanging in the bushes and what not

It was not the impetus for the investigation.

It was merely one (plausibly deniable?) puzzle piece for the insurance policy.

Big difference.


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Really? Do tell us exactly what was the launching point.

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