Can Talk to the Moderator Be Returned?

At least if posts were deleted, the poster could know what he/she did wrong.

I moderate a FB group & have only deleted

personalized posts

those that weren’t related to the subject matter & intended to provoke

and, per the administrator, those with foul language.

A few posts of mine got deleted and am positive nothing like racially charged, sexually charged, personalizing any poster was included.

What are grounds for deletion and closing a thread?


Sometimes it’s violations of TOS, other times case by case assessment.

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And because the mods do not communicate their decisions no one knows the reason why. Everything is done in secret which creates an atmosphere not conducive to a healthy and lively message board.

The fact that yet another OP has been created asking for transparency should show that regardless of what side of the political divide we are on, the posters agree we need to know the reasons for decisions.

No disrespect to the mods but the owners of this site can easily get someone to moderate, what they cannot do easily, is attract and retain a diverse user base.


No the talk to the moderator will not return. It turns into a circus.

Now onto some of the items:

Old forum allowed us to put a reason for deletion and it showed up in thread. That software was no longer supported. New software doesn’t have that option.

All sorts of things. Like the thread about users on the old forum started going more into attacking past users. So it got shut down. If a thread turned into a trainwreck with more deletions than posts left they can be closed. Trolling threads are closed or deleted.

It is impossible to send a message to every user for every deleted post. Example, a thread yesterday I deleted a posts that was nothing more than a “drudge report” type with links to about 30 articles with no discussion on any of them. When I hit delete, it deleted 48 posts with it.

It is actually getting harder and harder to find people to moderate the board. Last mod added was after several turned down the opportunity.

Your last post was deleted as a result of quoting a troll post that was deleted. If we delete a violation that has been quoted, oftentimes the following posts are deleted as well in order to clear that violation from the whole thread.

These kinds of explanations, if desired can be handled with a pm to moderators, so no, TTTM will not be reopened.