Can Russia hack our election machines?

I was Reading article about a book coming out soon on Obama. The articel is a gold mine of Obama arrogance, but, the one line I found real interesting was Obama was afraid to put sanction son Russia during the election to stop the “meddling”. ""he (Obama) believed it might prompt Moscow into hacking into Election Day vote tabulations. "

Is that possible? And if so what have we done to stop it?

Possible, but does not matter. Tabulations are what is reported, only the actual votes count and those can only be manipulated from the inside. You can’t hack what isn’t connected to the internet.

That’s what I thought, so what the heck was Obama talking about?

Around the time of the election when it was discovered that the Russians might be meddling, there was a rush to determine which parts of our polling system was vulnerable. This is due to the fact that there is no national standard for how elections are done in each state. It was discovered that there was a high probability that the Russians had gained access to voter registration logs in some states. However it was assumed that vote t tally’s were not effected since individual voting machines were not connected to the internet. However there have been many security questions regarding the servers that tabulate and communicate district and state voter tally’s.

It is unclear what efforts are being done in regards to this years election. DHS says it has a plan. But it has been reported that there has been no directive from the white house. And it is unclear what other programs are active in our intelligence community.

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no more hanging chads but every vote that isn’t for a democrat will be accused of having a hanging ivan

at least the chad eating dems were Americans. I’m worried digital voting opens cheating to the entire world…

If the machines are never connected to the internet then no, unless some Russian operative had election day access to the machine.

The article is amazing and I’m sure the book will be talked about a lot like…Obama says… "“Maybe we pushed too far,” Mr. Obama said. “Maybe people just want to fall back into their tribe.”

Yes, Obummer… On your watch just being white was being guilty. Imagine having to go to public school in that kind of environment. Gosh, why would everyone fall back to their “tribe”. DA!

Obama is just being his usual divisive idiot self.

Obama was shook because he feared some of his administrations corruptions would see the light of day.

A Hillary win would have ensured nothing comes to light.