Can our President declare an emergency, and use available funds to build a wall?

See: Fact check: What’s a ‘national emergency,’ and can Trump declare one to get his wall?

”Is that true? Legal experts said it might not be as simple to bypass Congress — which ultimately controls the federal budget — as Trump suggests, but not necessarily impossible. NBC News reported Friday that lawyers from the White House, the Department of Homeland Security and the Pentagon are meeting to discuss whether or not it’s doable.”

Having researched this very issue a number of years ago, the bottom line is, in easy to understand language, YES, our president can declare an emergency, giving particulars, and take necessary action to deal with the emergency stated. But, if after 60 days Congress does not legislate to the contrary, an extra 30 days is allowed the president to deal with said emergency, but he is required to consult with Congress in dealing with said emergency.

I have tried to put this in easy to understand language, and avoid the technicalities involved.

As to my own opinion, I believe President Trump ought to hold a “fireside chat” [FDR style] and lay out the emergency, expressing in detail the various threats and consequences of not securing our border adequately, elaborating on specifics which encourage illegal border crossings and remedies to discourage it, including addressing the abuse of asylum laws, chain migration, and an immigration system not merit based. He should then go on to state if Congress does not act swiftly to address these issues in a manner which actual promotes the General Welfare of the United States and HER citizens, he will declare a national emergency and begin to address the issue on his own.


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