Can I Skip June?

Will it be renamed Pride at this rate?

So I thought my primary employer was going PC and making a big to do about Pride and hosting several diversity sessions in one year.

I come to find out my secondary employer has been mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to get all of its employees thoroughly educated in LGBTIQA issues, and those employees who aren’t will not be scheduled—never mind that there are serious staffing shortages in the industry, the unscheduled forgot to paint rainbows :rainbow: on every darned thing.


We’ve evolved to where virtually no one in America cares if Jack Tripper marries Chrissy or Larry. Why must GLBTQIA be forced onto everything from school curicula to employee training?

This is ridiculous! I’m hibernating next year from May 31 through July 1.

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They no longer want just acceptance for a deviant lifestyle, they demand applause.


exactly. applause, promotion, celebration


It was never about acceptance. These people think they’re better than you. :wink:


No one forces you to work for them. Get a new job if the culture of a company is something you abhor so much.

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It isn’t the “company culture”.

It’s a state mandate.

Even kids are required to learn about other than heterosexual couples and preferred gender pronouns.

I don’t care if Adam marries Steve. The state shouldn’t be forcing acceptance on schools, public or private employers.


Do you have a link to more about this mandate? I tried to research it myself but came up with nothing.

Personally I think the best way to deal with insanity is to double down on it.

Instead of being a straight guy, I can self identify as a cross-dressing trans-lesbian. My preferred pronoun is “Bill” with a capital B.

I am unique so do not lump me in with “they/them”. They/them and Bill is correct plural pronoun.

I’ll look for some.

All I can say is one of the employers is upset about it as they have very little time to get everyone educated or pull employees from the schedule.

A staff shortage already exists, we need less?

By all means tell your employer that or when you meet new people introduce yourself that way.

If I were subject to hyperwoke indoctrination sessions, sure.

Straight males are subhumans on the intersectionality scale. Cross-dressing trans-lesbians get to look and act the same way, but they are off the scale on intersectionality. Hyper-annoying pronoun requirements act as a pre-emptive strike on cancellation.

Here’s inclusion of GLBTQ issues in MA high schools:

Why can’t other than heterosexual folk just be included as contributors historically? Why must their sexuality be included with their contributions?

Eh voilà!

Here it is:

You could not have said that better. That’s this main issue I have with all of this. The Pink Mafia is the problem. Not the gays, not any of them.

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Easier said than done as not everyone has that option. Just one of many reasons would be a person that has been with a company for years and is near retirement. They would find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find a new job and replace current salary and benefits.

The material they would be forced to study and accept may also go against strong religious convictions.

But we know these things are of no concern to those shoving this agenda down our throats.

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Can I skip June sounds like a question Ward would ask…

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2004: “We just want to be included!”

2022: “You’ll do that gay ■■■■ and you’ll like it, or else! We’re here, we’re queer, we’re taking over!”



Thanks for the link. When I read through it I saw that this is part of wider training to ensure caring and supporting LBTQ seniors and their families.

How is this a bad thing. I guarantee that the state is not ignoring the special needs of other seniors and their families.

Why wouldn’t someone who is in a position that works directly with the public especially in healthcare want to be as widely educated as possible on their patients?

Why not attend the training with an open and curious mindset? Going in with preconceptions on what you are going to learn will not help you.

The first tine I attended unconscious bias training I thought what a load of crap as I started the training. In the first 5 minutes we did an exercise which made me sit back and say wow there is something to this after all. That training has made me a better employee, manager and leader of people I am responsible for and as a person.

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Meh- LGBTQ folks have been marginalized, ostracized and criminalized for…evah. Wahhh that you have to show a little inclusion.

“Why not attend the training with an open and curious mindset?”

Will do.

I’m all for no one receiving full time care being marginalized.

It’s more the manner in which this was pushed through—there was very little notice given to the representatives responsible for employees that this was due by the end of the month, like one week.

And COVID-19 decimated staffing numbers with a lot of voluntary attrition. The manner in which that agency pushed this through with the only option being to remove those not receiving the training by that date, even with shortages, is in my I’m sorry, what?! file.

Would they prefer no one on duty to care for patients with various physical and mental disabilities to those who are pretty fair and don’t hurt anyone but haven’t gone through that training module?