Can I ask why a posted picture/meme was deleted from a post regarding the government shut down deal from last night?

This post was deleted sometime between the time I went to bed and the time I woke up. My commentary on it was not insulting or the president. It was bemoaning the fact that 1.375 billion won’t buy much in the way of a wall… I can’t understand why this was deleted…can I get some guidance. Are we not allowed to be satirical with pictures and memes.


It was delted for trolling, along with several others.

yeah…snow…I think I am the last person who trolls here. I think after 16 years I know what trollling is and I stay away from it. I was making a point. I get my MAGA sign getting deleted…I was just trying to have fun with that. But I wouldn’t troll anyone. I posted that this to make a point. If we are going to have to have a wall…then we might as well fund it and and do it right…even if I am against it.

I could see if I had a history of trolling here, but it is obvious that someone disagreed with my opinion, and called me a troll. Isn’t that a bit ridiculous that someone would report something like this. Are we not verging on censorship here? I am asking a serious question, not trolling just so we are understanding where this is coming from. I don’t troll. Never have.


Due to the significan increase, the pendulume is swinging back toward enforcement of the deletion of trolling posts.

I get that, but don’t long time posters get the benefit of the doubt? I mean I have never been a troll poster here or on any of the other three forums Hannity has had over the years. Does not that carry any weight? I’m trying to understand. Seriously.

Was this a moderator decision outright or did someone flag me?

Wasn’t flagged, there were several posts in a row that were trolling posts, so they were deleted and all quotes of them.

We don’t take into consideration how long a member has been here when deleting a troll post.

Thanks Snow…I know the posts that you are talking about…and I understand your decision. Just wanted to clarify.

I don’t knowingly participate in trolling. I find it useless. Maybe I am guilty of trying to bring a bit of humor to the thread. It won’t happen again. Thanks for your honest answers.