Can Desantis Transport Migrants to DE MA?

Yesterday the Florida Governor budget proposal allocated a tidy sum to transport migrants awaiting asylum claims to Delaware and Massachusetts.

Appears to be a solid legal move. No single state is more or less obligated to house and welcome the considerable influx that Biden has encouraged.

The potential outcome could be a sinister game of Greyhound Bus hot potato as migrants are shipped state to state and town to town. Are so called sanctuary locations stepping up?

Could Biden administration challenge this and how?

Florida continues to be home to one of the nation’s largest illegal alien populations. At least 775,000 illegal aliens reside in the state — as many as reside in New York — out of the roughly 11 to 22 million illegal aliens who live across the United States. Only Texas and California have larger illegal alien populations.

Might want to also make NY CT NJ DC the destination on those one way Greyhound tickets.

Share the wealth.

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Sounds like a good idea to me. Send them to Brandon’s home state in particular. :+1: :clap: :clap:


Biden hearts Amtrak so…

One way Amtrak ticket from Orlando to Wilmington is only 150.00.



HELL YES!!! :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Send them to every sanctuary city in the country. They’ve asked for it, let them have them.


Why should we accept Biden admin dispersal decisions.

If we can’t get the wall finished, we can at least help spread the potential of our newest citizen applicants.



It’s not like we haven’t had immigrants, both legal and illegal, before. Latino, Asian, African, North African, various Europeans.

Can’t say I’m losing any sleep over this. Most I know with a welfare state mentality are native born, followed by some legal emigres, and these same individuals stick their noses up in the air at people from states like Florida as poor and racist.

Pot meet kettle. Maybe the latest group of border crossers is no better than some of our established populations. They couldn’t possibly be any worse.

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It is a real catch 22.

Migrants flee lawlessness and lack of opportunity.

First act in US is to erode law and opportunity by not following immigration law and/or falling for a coyote yarn that asylum is easy.

Jobs you apply for are appreciated…Jobs you are given? Something less.


Martha’s Vineyard?


What better spot?

Lovely this time of year.

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The car bus ferry method will work.


Why not! This dude is my pick for 2024!


Not seeing any volunteers to have Desantis send some Asylum seeker love to their neighborhood.

Wonder why?

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So first this has to pass the Florida Legislature, which it probably will. And then he will have to get $8M of federal funding. And the Biden administration is going to give him $8M so he can campaign against Biden’s policies? Good luck with that. This is a publicity move to make some campaign commercials. Nothing more will come of this.

Not federal funds. Florida funds.

As part of his budget proposal, DeSantis wants $8 million to transport illegal aliens and border crossers out of Florida.

Not seeing any downside to this. Florida has MORE than stepped up to the plate as host. Time to share.


The people backing this open door madness should be required to house, feed, and pay for one migrant instead of asking others to so they can feel better about themselves. No country in the world does illegal immigration at these numbers. The wave in 2022 will be self inflicted and likely epic.


They can stay in Boston for all I care. I stay out of there for a reason. Years of choices at the ballot box have made it a dump, anyway.

Many natives are of the mindset that they’re owed something for nothing. I’m sure the border crossers will fit right in.

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Put illegal aliens in housing projects in Biden’s neighborhood and tear down his wall.


Use the material for the state funded barriers in TX and AZ.

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He should let some come and live in his house. About 15 or 20 imo.