Can Democrats Be Trusted?

Is it hard to trust no only the Liberal mainstream media(ABC, CBS, NBC), but the liberal Democratic Politicians, as well as the people who vote for them? Think about this…People tend to become like the people, places and things that they constantly hang around or subject themselves to. With the Newspapers, and Liberal left wing News stations out there constantly just making things up and writing it and saying them as facts, how much has the Liberal left lost its credibility and trust with the American people? A lot of the Democratic Politicians have no morality, or very little. So can you trust what a normal every day average joe Liberal Democratic voter has to say? Or are they going to make up fake news also? After all, they’re constantly subjected to fake news all of the time, and evil politicians.

Can any media be trusted in the manner you allude to?

Can any politician?

Can Donald?

Both political parties have proven beyond doubt that they cannot be trusted under any circumstances.



No. Absolutely not. From the beginning of time.


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Neither party has proven trustworthy.


No…and God help us if they regain power again. They’re going after Trump supporters.

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I can trust them to lie every time.

You can trust me.

I miss Walter Cronkite.

Yup. Better get your guns and head to your bunker. Cuz you’re first on the list. They know where you are and you’re easy pickins.

Heh, are you familiar with Donald Trump?

And no, generally speaking, politicians can not be trusted.

Really? Are you really a fan of the truth and still support democrats?

Are you a fan of the truth? Do you support Donald?


You’re aware that he lies rather frequently, right?

Sorry, I was not aware of that.

Oh, that’s weird.

That’s some really paranoid victimhood you got going there. Do you check under your bed ever night?

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It must be a miserable life to live in fear and paranoia like that.