Can Boris Survive?

Boris Johnson the British Prime Minister is facing a no confidence vote at 3PM EST today from his own MPs.

If Boris loses then the tories have a leadership election to determine who will be the new leader and therefore PM.

His downfall is from his continuous habitual lying about parties he held/attended during the height of the Covid lockdown. The vast majority of the country complied yet now we find out that Boris and his cronies thought they were above the law.

If he had come clean before the Sue Gray report chances are he would not be facing a no confidence vote today. But in true Boris style he thought he could lie and bluster his way out of this.

The leader of the labor party is also been investigated for a similar breach of the rules but his seems to be more a one off than a litany of parties where they pretend it was for business.

Looking more and more like he may be pushed out. It would be interesting to see who would replace him- Liz Truss? Jeremy Hunt? Or perhaps Boris will pull a rabbit out of a hat once more time and survive the vote.

I will not underestimate the teflon nature of Boris. However last I heard only 90 MPs have come out in public support for him. With it being a secret ballot they can vote anyway they wish so even out of those 90 some can vote no confidence.

I dunno, he’ll probably survive, Brits aren’t just okay with completely incompetent leaders as long as they went to Eton and come from the right family, they seem to actively desire it.

Yeah Etonians certainly hold too much sway in Parliament and as Prime Ministers. IA quick google search revealed 20 PMs attended Eton.

Well in fairness I’m just naming the first British school the aristocrats go to that came to mind. What’s the other big one? Harrow or something?

Maybe this will be contagious to all the politicians on this side of the ocean that lie and place their rules on “thee…but not for me”? I hope so.

And he survived by a majority of 63 MPs but with 211 voting for him to go, he could face mounting pressure to go.

Underperfomed Therese May.

Who turned up to vote in a ball gown tonight.

Karma will always get you in the end.

Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May both survived confidence votes, but resigned not long after.

Boris Johnson will not be Prime Minister much longer.

And if the Conservatives don’t expedite his departure, they won’t governing Britain in 2024.

And that is the fear of the backbenchers. Johnson will lead them to defeat in the general election.

Anyone else I would say would be gone in 60 days but Johnson not so sure

He’ll lose the 2 bye elections coming up and the standards commitee will take him to the cleaners.

It will only get worse for him and the Tories from here.

Oh yes, these two “gentlemen.” :smile:

Check out the two Tory incumbents, though Boris Johnson may be an incumbent of one of those two posts before it is all over. :smile:

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The Tories let a rapist back in to vote for Boris this evening.

The UK Conservative Party is holding an internal no-confidence vote to decide whether Boris Johnson should remain as Prime Minister.

This comes as inflation continues to accelerate and the risk of recession is increasing.

Inflation will spiral to more than 10 per cent by October – the highest rate in 40 years – as Britain risks being pushed into recession with millions facing higher bills . . .Households are expected to be hit with a devastating 40 per cent rise in energy bills this winter, sending inflation to 10.25 per cent – a level not seen since 1982.

Average gas and electricity bills are forecast to hit £2,800 when Ofgem raises its price cap to reflect a rise in wholesale energy costs, which has been exacerbated by the war in Ukraine. Prices of food and other essential goods are also expected to continue to rise, the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) said on Thursday.

Meanwhile in Estonia, the ruling coalition has collapsed. The inflation rate there is 20%. Estonian inflation is the highest in the Eurozone as a result of the sanctions against neighboring Russia.

In contrast in Russia, economy growth is continuing, and the strong ruble is causing the central bank to lower interest rates to avoid deflation.

Are the sanctions on Russia starting to result in regime change but in western Europe, not Russia?

None of the major parties in the west seem ready to admit that NATO is losing the economic war.
What will be required for a reversal of the current policy of economic suicide?

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No, the no confidence vote is because Johnson broke lockdown laws.

To suggest otherwise is idiotic.

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Oh and Russian interst rates are 11% right now.

Hardly the sign of a robust economy.

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Yes, that is the pretext.

The looming economic crisis is ignored since no one is willing to admit the failure of the sanctions and offer a rational alternative.

And Russian inflation is 17%.

Economic basketcase.

Its not the pretext.

Its the stated reason by the rebels and the cause of the decline in the polls.

Anything else is demented.