Can Anyone Explain Gauged Ears?

Wierd topic, I know, but can anyone explain the new phenomenon of gauged or stretched ear lobes, or whatever they’re called?

Having run into a few acquaintances without the earrings & missing a big part of the earlobe, what is the rationale behind this piercing?

Very strange fad, IMO.

It’s not new.

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It is kind of strange. It may be because it is unique. People, while wanting to blend in and not stick out like a sore thumb, like to have a bit of uniqueness and personality. I think this fad is similar to the big, poofy, permed hairstyles in the 80’s, or the beehive or long hair on men in the 60’s. The problem is, once everyone is doing it, it’s no longer unique.

Personally I think removing or stretching out a part of the elastic cartilage of the ear lob is a big mistake, as it can’t be reversed- or it will take surgery to reverse. If they want to be unique, why not go for an extra piercing? At least if you regret it, it can close.

rationale = cry for attention


I think permanence is the reason for the fad. Regular ear piercings go away if there is no earring in them for a few years. A gauge will always be present. I find them to look kind of goofy like tribal folks.

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I never really understood it myself. I personally prefer to keep as many of my body parts as possible.

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Nope. I can’t explain why people like modern country music or yellow cars, either.


Cultural appropriation. I’m serious. Its something that’s been done for ages in tribes around the world for their own spiritual purposes and now Zack, your local starbucks barista, thinks it’s cool.

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Pure disfiguration. Not attractive, not sane. Makes sane people want to throw up.

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Where in the country is this trend new? It’s kind of dated out here.

I’m not one to know about fads.
Not long ago we saw a teenage girl at the mall with half a head of hair and the hair the had was bright purple.
I thought she was taking chemo therapy. My wife corrected me.

Too many years since the last world war.

I mean, what’s the point of tattoos? Its a unique expression. Not everyone wants to conform and fit in.

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Red says it best.

They are weird looking IMO, unhygienic (and therefore smell), and cause permanent damage.

Don’t get it.

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At least tattoos can be very artistic or say something about the person (other than hey, I am different!); they can also be kept private if you want.

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I have weird hair. I keep the sides and back shaved and the top is long. After 20 years of keeping my hair in regulation, I like doing something different. To each their own.

I love when intellectually old people complain about kids. Sure I don’t find gauges attractive. I don’t like country music. I don’t like rap very much. I think anyone who uses “u” or “ur” is just annoying as ■■■■. I can’t stand Cardi-B and think she’s a total Nikki Minaj rip-off and talks like Rosie Perez.

But in the 80s I liked hair bands. I had long hair. I’ve had my ears pierced 5 times. I like 90s punk pop. And tho I don’t have a tattoo I’m really considering getting a few. So I get gauges. I just don’t like them much. But I’m not gonna stand on my porch shaking my cane at the damn kids who have them.


Yep. I have two tattoos, both within the last year, and I may well get more. But I can hide all of them when I need to look professional. You can never hide gauged ears.

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I’m not going to get any tats. My friends are all tatted to hell and back but I’ve got a key reason for not wanting them.

I find my skin to be the most attractive thing about me. So I won’t deface it on purpose. I’m a bit of an egomaniacal madman when it comes to my skin. I got blessed, what can I say?

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