Can anyone defend Scott Pruitt

With bigly sycophant Laura Ingraham jumping ship I’m just wondering if there are any Trumpsters left willing to tell us why Scott Pruitt is not a corrupt grifter who should keep his job.

“Actually, he has to stay,” Mark Levin, the conservative radio personality, author and weekend Fox News host, told CNN by email when asked about Ingraham’s call for him to resign or be dismissed. “His policies on the whole have been outstanding.”

he fits in the rest of the trump crew. a complete scumbag

The “He is a walking representation of the swamp but he is dismantling government for corporate interests” defense.



Im sure most Trumpkins think he’s doing a bang up job. What’s a little corruption among friends.

My favorite Pruitt taxpayer grift: 12 custom silver fountain pens, from a boutique DC jeweler, emblazoned with EPA seal and Pruitt’s signature.

For $1500 taxpayer dollars.

Wonder if he gets to keep them when he’s canned? It’s not like anyone else can use them.

Only the best!

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They’ll defend him the same way they defend their support for Trump. “We knew he was a scumbag, but we voted for his policies and he’s doing a great job.”


If you say so.

What’s corrupt in the article?

I bet Tom Price feels like a big dope.


Personality v. Policy

So corruption is OK if the policy is on point?

I didn’t read the article. I’ve read enough about Pruitt (and his wife) the last few months to last a lifetime.

Given your well known stated stances on your dislike for cent gov, are you now to tell you are okay with a member of said government using their official position, time, resources, and tax dollars to further themselves and their familes financially?

This dude has done so many ethically dodgy things in just eighteen months I’d be hard pressed to remember even all the big ones.

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I don’t know much about him but since libs hate him so much he must be doing something right.

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Yeah, spending your money on himself.