Can anyone cite where Rush Limbaugh got the Rassmussen poll showing increased support for Trump among blacks?

Today Rush Limbaugh dropped a bomb saying something to the order of support for Trump among blacks has risen by 40%. I cannot find anything on this anywhere, even at Rassmussen. Anyone have a link or something to refer to?

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Did you think to perhaps look for yourself?

New Polls: Black American support for Trump

  • Rasmussen: 34.5%
  • Emerson: 34%
  • Marist: 33%

He’s been holding in the mid thirties with blacks for over a year.

Seems like they can come up with links for everything except what you asked.


Rather than be snarky, I’ll be helpful.

Anytime you want to know what Rush said, go to his website at The full transcription of each show is there.

This is the link that was on his site.

If blacks really approve Trump saying rioters should be shot - then good for them! That’s one of the few things Trump has said I agree with.

Protesters cease being protesters when they start getting violent. Then they are criminals and need to be summarily dealt with.

if he ends up with even 1/2 that the election is over early.

Approval doesn’t mean they are going to vote for him when given the choice between him and a Democrat. He is still way below 10 percent in that regards. Conflating approval with preference is not wise.


Do you know how to read polls?

Marist polls from June 2 and 3.

Strongly approve 5%
Approve 7%
Disapprove 16%
Strongly disapprove 69%

30’s. That’s simply not true.





“George Floyd is smiling down from heaven at our 13% unemployment”


It was a good day for George Floyd.


Trump will secure more of the black vote than any other R candidate in history. Causing another riot after he wins re-election. Might want to wait until after 1st of the year to begin rebuilding the alphabet cities.

Want to make a bet?

Even more if they can get George Floyd to smile down on everyone from heaven. wait, We have been told by Candice Owen that he was a bad man so wouldn’t he be looking up from hell? So confusing… Either way the R’s have secured the black vote with all this… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Why? Purpose?

No, more blacks will vote Biden. Again, Trump will receive more black vote than any other R candidate in history.

Has bearing on motivation to go to the polls.

You needed Candace Owens to tell you that? His rap sheet didn’t clue you in?

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Zantax confirms that George Floyd is in hell.

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How can that be? I have it on high authority that he is in Heaven smiling down on us?

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