Can America survive a democratic victory?

No of course not. Not unless the democrats are lying about what they plan to do. AOC has done one thing really well. She has turned the entire democratic party from liberal to socialist/communist. They have turned their agenda over to this inexperienced kid. If they win and are not lying, the greatest and most free country the world has ever seen ends. To me, it appears that the plan is to wipe us out financially then rebuild the county, minus the system that drives all creativity. Capitalism. What will kill it?

  1. The green new deal.
  2. Billions of dollars of payments to foreign nationals.
  3. Massive tax increases.
  4. Huge spending increases.
  5. Massive and expanded re-regulation of business.
  6. Massive government “oversight” of everything except government corruption.
  7. Huge energy usage fees.
  8. Economic justice as determined by the government. Housing, healthcare and the “fair” distribution of wealth. Basically making being rich illegal for everyone but politicians and high ranking bureaucrats.
  9. Huge payouts to the victim class. whether or not you are actually a victim.

The determination has already been made that it is not fair to live in a country where some people are happy and others miserable. So we will dismantle the engine that drives our success and make sure everyone is miserable.

Ask yourself these questions.

Do I prefer that the people be accountable to the government?(Vote Democrat)

Or do I prefer government be accountable to the people? (Vote Republican)

One final thing. I mentioned AOC. Come on lady. You are in the upper 5 percent income bracket. Stop being a dead beat and pay your damned taxes!

Yes we know…Its the most important election of our lifetime


For all the Americans that have died in the last two months, the past election was the most important in their lifetime.

So choose wisely folks.


That’s a bit cliche. It’s been said before. But this is the first time in American history that Democracy is running directly against socialism/ communism. This is all new territory.

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Of course it can, not only survive but thrive

Exactly. And remember this. Government cannot make life risk free. How much are you willing to give to let them try?

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Feels like old territory.


Yes and we hear it every 4 years…

1000 years of darkness comes to mind.


Is that an implication that electing Trump in the last election caused this?

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I have heard this statement - or some version of it - posted on internet forums every four years since I first started paying attention.

If this message board had been archived back when I joined in 2007, I could probably show you a hundred threads declaring that 2008 was the most important election ever, and that Obama was a socialist, and on and on.


In theory. Not reality. The reality is that in communism only the only ones who thrive are government officials. It’s shared misery for everybody else.

Now they fully admit it. Even calling themselves socialists. That has never happened before. As I said. New territory. What do you see that I posted that isn’t true?

Now they fully admit it. Even calling themselves socialists. It’s no longer cliche. They have fully embraced it. Unless of course they are lying. If they say they are socialist, you should believe them. Right? As I said. New territory. What do you see that I posted that isn’t true?

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We aren’t gonna become “communist” if we have a democratic president…that’s just imaginary boogy man BS

Anyone that feels that way I suggest they turn off their radio for a while…

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Get over your feelings then. You don’t believe the democrats when they call themselves socialists? Is not my list pretty damned accurate? Are you hoping they are lying?

So they call themselves Socialist…If a Socialist happens to get elected, is the country going cease to exist?

In the Trumpers mind we would become Venezuela or something along those lines

My radio didn’t tell me they were embracing socialism/communism. The democrats did. The things that I listed were not made up by the person you hate on the radio. So you are a little confused. This comes directly from the nit wits you will vote for.

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