Can a fox fan explain this one to me about duckworth

In Duckworth’s case, the 53-year-old U.S. senator pays zero in property taxes because she has a disability rating of 70% or higher, as determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the Sun-Times reported.

Duckworth lost both of her legs and some use of her right arm after the helicopter she was piloting was hit by a rocket-fired grenade in Iraq in 2004.

so, the headline is:

Democrat Tammy Duckworth slammed for getting tax break on her Illinois home

so a double amputee takes a tax break and fox runs that headline and a whole article about it?


How is this news worthy other than as an excuse to print a headline that casts shade on a democrat?

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I will bet you dollars to dog nuts that Peter Doocy asks Jen about it at the next WH presser.

Yep. And it will run on F&F and he website for a couple of days.

Meanwhile, here in Hannityland, I bet the local vets will be silent about a double amputee being slandered for taking a legal tax break.

But hey, that’s just my guess.

where is she slandered? by whom?


so much for people paying their “fair share.”



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is this supposed to answer my question?

It’s a totally legal deduction to take.

The “tax watchdog” says the deduction should be means tested, but this is not required by the law.

The headline is not wrong, but it is evocative

Actually, if they would actually read the article, they would see that Fox is not slamming her, but is slamming the Illinois newspaper that is slamming her.
They do nothing but quote the Sun-times. That is whom you should be criticizing.


yes. over objections to it from tax watchdog groups

while referencing a chicago-sun times article referencing the watchdog

yes indeed. the chicago sun times

but their hate lies with faux nooz


that it is legal or not is not in dispute

No it is not. The “slamming” of Duckworth is from the “tax watchdog” in the article.

As I said, the headline while not technically incorrect, is poorly and evocatively writteb.

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they are not questioning the legality of taking the tax breaks.

whered you go?

still waiting for an answer

(an actual answer)

No they are not

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so is the thread crashing and burning?

Progs will pretend victory and high five each other as the thread smolders into oblivion.


One would have to question the motivation of Fox News in publishing their article if they are so critical of the original article?

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Hope Fox doesn’t do an expose on my taking advantage of a federal law that allows me to deduct my mortgage interest from my taxable income.

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