Campain volunteer for Marco Rubio was badly beaten in a Democrat neighborhood

I guess this is one way Democrats can deter people from voting Republican:

The dude is a Neo Nazi.

The real question is why is a Neo Nazi working on the Rubio campaign?

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This should get interesting.

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the victim is Christopher Monzon, who at one time a member of the white nationalist group Florida League of the South.

The assaulter has been arrested, 22 year old Javier Jesus Lopez.

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Also the police report doesn’t back up that there were four people who attacked him.

He got into a fight with one person on what appears to be that person’s property.

The guy who got attacked is Christopher Monzon and if you care you can easily find videos of him goading people into a fight and being a general nuisance…. Oh… he is also a Neo Nazi.

My bet is that he got into a fight with someone who was obviously better equipped than him and he got beat down. The guy who attacked him will likely get charges pressed on him and he will be in legal jeopardy… haven’t heard that side of the story yet…. Only Monzon’s.

I don’t think that this is a guy worth defending.


Were they screaming MAGA country? :rofl:


Hialeah (a city, not a “neighborhood”) is also not exaclty a Democratic stronghold - the population is like 75% Cuban.

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White supremacist or not, they shouldn’t have beaten him up. This kind of crap is not helpful.

The attacker knew that?

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No, the real question is what the â– â– â– â–  any of what you posted has to do with the thread?

I’m guessing you’re A OK with it.


So there is not a neighborhood in Hialeah that contains Democrats?

Of course they’re OK with it. Brand him as Neo Nazi and you’re good to go.


Thank you.

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In not okay with people getting a beat down.

The dude is a Neo Nazi though.

Don’t get too invested in defending him.

He branded himself that.

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Christopher Monzon is Cuban.

So it’s OK? Is it OK to beat up commies?

Do you guys have proof he’s Neo Nazi?

Yes, he was a member of The Florida League of the South.

Or maybe was. Still shouldn’t have beaten him up though.