Campaign Ads? Message of negativity

Why would you vote for anyone? Over the past 3 days… I can’t recall an ad that would make me vote for any candidates. One add negative and hateful toward the other. The minute later candidate two is blasting the first candidate. I wouldn’t vote for either one of them.

Welcome to the new world.

Everyone’s doing it because it worked pretty well last time around.

But I know nothing from watching them…other than they’re all vicious people. I’ve done my research and know who I will vote for…but there is some serious nasty out there.

Yep. It is what it is - easier to drag down your opponent than it is to try and sell the public on your attributes.

All these political ads are driving me nuts. Who votes based on an ad, anyway?

I try to tune the ******* things out as much as possible. Anybody who votes based on a political ad is a moron.

On the good side, less than 24 hours till the damn things stop for a few months.

The ones Martha McSally has saturated the Arizona airwaves with have been unintentionally hilarious. I’ll be a little sad when they’re gone:

*cue ominous music

Kirsten Sinema is a dangerous radical who hates the military. Kirsten Sinema hates law enforcement, too, and wants them all to die. Kirsten Sinema makes fun of us with her radical liberal friends. Kirsten Sinema hates babies, especially babies born to the military and law enforcement. Arizona deserves to be represented by someone who isn’t a dangerous radical baby and military and law enforcement hating radical.

Kirsten Sinema: wrong for Arizona.

(paid for by the candidate who really really loves military babies :us:)

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