Camela harris Received Fewer Than 1000 Votes In Her Failed 2020 Presidential Campaign

844 Total Votes and she’s that close to the presidency.

129 in New Hampshire
715 in Arkansas

What do you make of that??

Just spell an actual name, even by mistake.

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It’s really not that important.

Besides, I’m just spelling it like biden says it.

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That’s funny. The left has spent 3 years refusing to capitalize Trump’s last name.


She prefers ,la

She received more press dropping out than during her campaign

That’s an actual thing? Whenever I don’t have Trump’s last name in caps it’s because I’m typing on an iPad and it doesn’t autocorrect it to caps. Also, that’s not an excuse.

Looks like Harris is the “where’s waldo” or “forresta gump” of politics.

Again the typo @ohknow35? Its Kamala Harris.

I’d say it’s far more important how many votes the Biden / Harris ticket receives on November 3rd


She ended her campaign 2 months before the first primary/caucus.

What a great op!


she’s unlikeable, unrelatable, and her ugly scorched earth witch attitude on full display as she tried to ruin the kavanaugh family is prob still fresh in the minds of people who dont have mental problems

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No such person with the name in your title’s thread was a candidate in the Democrat primaries in 2020.

Of course it matters.

What are we supposed to make of it?

A Presidential candidate has chosen someone who was his opponent in the primaries to be his VP choice?

What exactly is the incisive political observation we are supposed to be seeing?

She’s clearly a loser by not getting votes in an election she dropped out of two months before it was held. Lol. The posts lately are really grasping.


Tulsi Gabbard pulled in over 270,000 votes and stayed in the race longer than any other candidate except Sanders.

That is fighting for values.

In case anyone wants to know just what that looks like.


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Hmm…I wonder who else that sounds like. Unless you can relate to having a golden toilet.

I wonder why he didn’t pick her? She was actually the best of the lot IMO.

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270,000 out of how many votes?