Cambridge Analytics director met with Assange last year to discuss U.S. election

Drip, drip, drip. Now we have a report that the director of Cambridge Analytica and Julian Assange in February, 2017, to discuss the events in the U.S. election. Brittany Kaiser, a director at the firm until earlier this year, also claimed to have channeled cryptocurrency payments and donations to WikiLeaks. In October, it was reported that Cambridge Analytica had “reached out” to Assange in July 2016 and to help him index and distribute the emails that had been stolen from Hillary Clinton, but Assange claimed he turned down the offer. Other CA employees, however, were found to be in touch with Wikileaks lawyers. The new report brings the question of what the relationship between CA and Wikileaks really was. It was previously reported that Cambridge Analytica used information from Facebook and other sources to help Donald Trump win the election.

Huh… did a quick search and I am totally surprised to find that this thread has zero replies to it.

I wonder why that is.

Well… as a follow up, Ms. Kaiser has been subpoenaed by Mueller and is cooperating.

yeah, that can’t be good.

Is this where everyone should be reminded that a server in Trump Tower was communicating with Alfa Bank and Spectrum Health?

Why Spectrum Health you may ask? Well it is a large company with an enormous amount of data that is run by the DeVos family.

Kind of odd that they would be in communication with Trump Tower during the campaign.

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More info for Mueller to use. Love it.

Yeah the stuff about the server came out in 2017 I thought.

I can’t remember what the excuse was for why it was “harmless”.

"“I met once with Julian Assange for about 20 minutes in February 2017, long after the US election was over, and listened to his story of what he had experienced in recent years,” Kaiser said in a statement provided to the Guardian.

Walden said Kaiser had made one donation of several hundred dollars to Wikileaks in 2011, in connection to academic research she was doing while studying human rights law at University of London Birkbeck College, for which she used original source documents from Wikileaks.

He said Kaiser had “never solicited payments” to Wikileaks from third parties."

Who is it who always sarcastically says “You got him now”. Oh well. You got him now.

That isn’t going to be what will likely be the important part of her testimony.

This is

In October 2017, it was revealed that Alexander Nix, the chief executive of Cambridge Analytica, had contacted Assange in August 2016 to try to obtain emails from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign – which indictments from Mueller’s team say were obtained by Russian military intelligence – to use in Donald Trump’s campaign.

Yeah…but that is somewhat subdued by the statement from both sides that this never came to fruition. Check 25th amendment argument posts explaining how just talking about it isn’t illegal (not even sure doing it would be illegal…and what countries laws would be applicable?)

Wait… are you comparing trying to obtain stolen information to be the same as talking about working within the confines of the Constitution?

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No. I’m explaining that just talking about something isn’t the same thing as doing it…expecially if you never take one step toward doing it.

“Let me help you index those”.


Where’s the crime?

No… that is not how it works at all.

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Yeah, that’s the thing. They did take the step forward

Yeah. That exactly describes what happened.

And that is old news that Mueller has had for many months so it is already available for any report he issues. The only new thing is that someone met with him to discuss whatever long after the election was over. Not relevant to anything.

Your link is 1 1/2 years old with outdated information. A lot has since been discovered

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That is linked in the article of the OP as the support for CA offering to index for Assange. Its date just proves that this has been known information for over a year and will already be available for Mueller to incorporate into any report he issues.

No you only wish it wasn’t. The 2 meeting to discuss the completed operation is extremely relevant into the investigation

Was it known that Kaiser funneled money to WikiLeaks? Or that him and Assange met personally afterwards to discuss their successful operation?

Kaiser is also alleged to have said that she had funnelled money to WikiLeaks in the form of cryptocurrency. She called the organisation her “favourite charity”. The reports passed to investigators say that money was given to her by third parties in the form of “gifts and payments

That basically sums up this whole Russia conspiracy thing for the past two years. Two people met after the elections and say they didn’t talk about anything much. We now have “aha…more smoke. They must have discussed illlegal conspiracies and stuff with Putin and things like that”.
Ok. Fine. Now get one of the two people who attended to tell you about all the illegal schemes between Putin and Trump that they talked about at that meeting…good luck.

And that is why the Mueller report, if it doesn’t cite anyting impeachable regarding Trump, will not slow this whole conspiracy theory down one bit.

Please have the fortitude to stick around once you’ve been proven to be as wrong about this as someone could possibly be.