Calofornia demands that Trump apologize to invaders

For separating families. Seriously, do they really want to go there? You first California. How about you apologize? For supporting allowing a flood of invaders to flow into our country totally unchecked. For giving them sanctuary no matter what their crimes. Free to rape, rob and murder. You need to apopl

Nobody believes that California owes anybody an apology?

On behalf of California, I apologize.

California is one of the few places that has a border wall.

California should apologize to Nevada and Arizona beachfront property owners. :wink:

California should apologize for the crap movies it puts out every year.


California should apologize for Maxine Waters. And its pistachios. They give me the hives something fierce. And for Fresno. And the Zodiac. How could they never find that guy?

Hollywood is often technically brilliant but they’ve certainly got issues with being creatively challenged.

But even when Hollywood was still making good movies they made some of the worst of all time, such as Ishtar or Highlander 2.

I know. I was trying to make a joke. Often there’s more trying than succeeding.

There’s good and there’s bad. To tell you the truth though, I have absolutely no idea what movies are playing in the theatres, and I really don’t care.

Here is the Non-Breitbart link to this news story.

I won’t apologize. This is an old story from Sept 2017. Looks like Breitbart is a day late and a dollar short.

On behalf of the President, I apologize. There. I guess it’s done then. Now the California legislature can return to bankrupting their state.

You missed this part Pam.

UPDATE: 12:15 p.m., Aug. 16, 2018

I know they won’t apologize. But one is owed to the many victims of violence due to sanctuary polices.

I say this in a multi-State, non-partisan way: it’s a kind of a shame we can’t dress up as zombies, descend on various capitols, and scare our whole political class out of the country.

What a wacky and ultimately hate filled post.

Meddling kids!

Oh really judgmental one?

You were not specific. Which is the hateful part? California demanding an apology from Trump? Or the idea of California apologizing to the victims of violent crimes that they helped to create? Kate’s killer was deported five times. The system failed her. Bigly. If her family not deserve an apology, then who does?

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I don’t really take advice over the internet. There are lots of weirdos out there you understand. If you think a letter needs to be written, then you do it. Fair enough?

I don’t want an apology for Trump. I’ve been saying since he was elected that I want him to get everything he wants. So far, so good.