Calling Universal Monster movie fans

I’m talking Dracula, the Mummy. Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein and The Invisible Man from the 1930s, and Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Mu-tant from This Island Earth and a Mole from the Mole People of the 1950s movies.

And fans of these movies and other 1950s sf movies here want to discuss stuff?

Right now I’m disappointed with FunkoPop’s exclusive Walgreens Mystery Minis.

They’ve brought out 12 figurines - but they are “mysteries” - you can’t tell from the box what figurine you’re going to get. Total disrespect for collectors - forcing us to buy dozens of boxes to get the one figuring we’re missing.

Then there’s the fact that two of the figurines are of the Invisible Man. One is of him in the classic dressing gown, bandage-wrapped head and large glasses.

The other is of him in the same bandages, dressing gown, etc. but everything including the clothing is invisible! That’s just stupid! Keep the head invisible, show the features of Claude Rains, and have him clad. That’s the only thing that makes sense!

Oh man… when I was a kid I used to read all the Monster magazines ( Famous Monsters of Filmland and others). I also had a bunch of these short (10 minute) 8mm film reels they used to sell that were extremely condensed versions of monster movies

I collected Famous Monsters, too. As well as Star Log and Film Fax.

Those were the days!

I grew up right across the river from NYC in Passaic, NJ so we got all the NYC TV programming. On weekends it was guaranteed that you could find a classic monster movie, an “Abbot and Costello Meets…” movie, or a Eastside Kids/Bowery Boys movie.

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I loved all those movies…but I also liked the old horror movies. Anyone remember “The Haunting”…a movie on Shirley Jackson’s “The Haunting of Hill House”…very very very creepy.

Chiller Theater on WPIX 11

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Oh yeah! Loved Chiller Theater!

And WPIX was the home of “Jankee Beisbol” :wink: