Calling out falsehoods

The below quote isn’t addressed to the poster? The other infractions I’m guessing have already been deleted by @GWH because there were others that were even more direct

Your drug addictions are neither my problem nor my business.”


Neither do I

I don’t believe this thread is a pulpit, conan.

There is no victim…just the hard truth of what some in an extreme part of the party wants and craves

I thought broad-brushing was frowned upon? For example calling all Trump supporters members of a cult has resulted in mod involvement yet time and time again so called conservatives indulge in such sweeping statements and nothing is done about it.

If the moderators want to have double standards then thats all well and good but be honest about it. This is hannitys message board so if the direction is to give cons more leeway who are we to argue but be open about it.


First off Plasma was the one that brought it up. And this thread is about falsehoods is it not?

Now tell me, since you brought it up, how is it any different when some con lumps large segment of libs being drug addict to large segment of Trump base being racist bigots?

Because we see it all the time here.


and are told constantly that it’s true. Heck that just happened in this thread and not a peep from those making the complaint about “fairness”. :roll_eyes:


So it’s safe to say that large segment of libs population wants to do whatever drugs they want without any repercussion…right?


Based on recent history the latter would be worthy of a TO while the former is not


Yep…I wonder if they noticed that.

I see it all the time, yes we are all guilty of it. But once again libs seems like they want two separate rules. On for them…and one for us.

Seems to be their MO. :wink:


All I can tell you is what I see. I don’t know everything that’s going on behind the curtains.

The entire reason for me bringing that up in this thread is because I’m asking for them to applied evenly. If I’m blatantly making stuff up then you should be able to take me to task for it.

I’ve been accused for lying all the time here.

But you never seen me accuse anyone here of lying. I don’t blame those that have been groomed and manipulated by our media. For them they don’t know what they do.

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This is what happens when both sides hunker down on political lines. There was a quote during the Ireland conflict by a journalist that rings well in today’s partisan divided world.

“Truth is whatever your having yourself”.

And FTR I don’t want to see other liberals debate in that style either. Winning a debate by lying is still losing

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Keep in mind there are many angle to observe any given subject. To say you can only approach it from one angle is naive…or worst.

My point was there is none yet the comments about the cons like that have been sanctioned but the liberal comment wasn’t. Is that fair?

If that’s how you feel…I never stated how large of a group mine statement was

When this site became a left-wing hate site it becomes a problem…don’t you think?

Funny how you google “list of left-wing hate sites” all you get are list of right-wing hate sites. Like there is no such thing as left-wing hate sites.


You made your bed, dear.

I once called out a lib for “bearing false witness” against Trump. He turned it into an accusation that I called him a liar.